Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Dear Boston,

This year was my favorite Mother's day yet.  Daddy let me sleep in while you and him wrapped my present, made me a card and later presented me with breakfast in bed.  You were reluctant to hand over my gift (as you seemed to think it was yours) and you quickly proceeded to pick up each of my pancakes with your little hands,  and attempt to stuff them in your mouth (I was able to retrieve a few pancakes before they reached your puckered lips).  Our little family of four chatted and talked on the bed as we enjoyed breakfast together.  Isaac kicked and played in my tummy, while you rolled around and Daddy and I sat smiling at you.

At one point that morning you decided to take the lead in our family conversation.  You looked at Daddy and did your sign for Moon.  Daddy said, "Where's the moon?"  Then you made your noise for birds,  "caaw", after that you quickly told us about "Balloons"  which sounds more like, "labllllloon".  I looked at Daddy and said "he's just talking to us about what he's interested in.  I think in your head the conversation went more like this,

"So guys, did you see the moon last night?  I love the moon".
"And how about birds?  Birds are pretty awesome right? Thanks Dad for teaching me how to make the bird sound, it's way cooler than Mommy's whistle she tried to teach me".
"Oh ya!  And Balloons!  Lets get me some of those!"

Daddy and I are eagerly awaiting many more conversations just like this one.