Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Little Oyster

Dear Isaac,

You turned 1 month old just a few days ago and today on your brother's 2nd birthday, we went to the Dr. for our regular check ups.  The Dr.  says you're growing and chubbing up just perfectly!  You're in the 60 and 63% for height and weight.  You're head however is in the 94%.  Sorry kiddo, us Yanceys (and many Bradburys) have big heads.  I guess it's that giant brain of yours.  :) 

I love watching you get chubby thighs, and extra chins and rolls on your wrist because I know that I put all that delicious chub there.  We make quite the nursing team pal and I am so grateful for that!  I spent a few needless days worrying over you because an incompetent urgent care Dr. diagnosed you with Thrush, because of a white dot on the roof of your mouth.  It turns out that white dot is just an Epstein pearl, so now I call you my little Oyster.  :)  I find you irresistibly cute and I spend LOTS of time kissing your sweet lips and fluffy cheeks.  You love when I do this and make the sweetest little sing songy coos while I do this.  Our lactation consultant even commented on what a sweet voice you have.  :)   Everyone thinks you're such an adorable baby and people always comment on "all that hair". 

You're already rolling over both ways and are incredibly strong.  Your eyes lighten up every day and so does your hair.  You hair even has an auburn tint to it, just like brother's did at this age.  Daddy is quite in love with you too and spends every night getting lots of cuddles in with you before bed.  We love our time after Boss goes to bed and Daddy and I can get some quality time with just you.  We both cuddle and stare at you, sometimes take pictures and just talk about your general cuteness and how in love we are with you.  In fact you're sleeping on Daddy right now, but in a minute he'll hand you off to me and we'll cuddle all night long. 

Daddy brought home a swing we're borrowing and my heart got a little sad when he brought it in the door.  Right now I spend a lot of the day holding you and all night holding you too, and when I saw that swing I felt a little jealous of the time it will soon be spending with you.  But not too soon, I think I'll keep you in our bed just a little while longer.  I'm just not ready to give you up. 

You're a precious, sweet not to mention very tolerant of all our chaos little boy and I love you so so much!  You are my third boy to fall in love with and while our little love affair has only been going for not quite a year, I love you every little bit as my first two loves. 

Love always,


PS We're still waiting for your first official smiles.  I've gotten a few out of you when I kiss your lips, but I'm waiting for the real deal! 

Happy 2nd Birthday

Dearest Boston,

Oh how I love you!  I cannot believe it has been two years since you were born to your Dad and I and almost 3 years that you've been hanging out with your Momma 24/7.  I have loved and adored you every second of your life.  So many big giant changes have happened in the last 2 years, yet some things remain the same.

You went from grunting all day long to talking (in sentences!), and laughing and singing all throughout the day.

You were just 6 lbs 12 oz and even got down to 5 1/2 lbs and just 19 inches long at birth.  Now, you're my big 28 lber and in the 88th % for your height.

I used to spend hours huddled over you, while you cooed and grunted, flailing your little arms and legs on a blanket on the floor.  Now, the only time we play lying down is if we're pretending to fall asleep and then JUMP up really fast to show that we are in fact WIDE AWAKE!

Like I said, while a lot has changed, some things have remained the same.  Every day, for every nap and every night I cuddle you to me, and while I rock you I sing the same 3 songs that I sang to you from the time you were in my tummy.

You still have many of your same favorites.  Your snuggies, Doggy, the Moon, balloons, and all of your favorite books.  We still do devotional as we always have (you love it too) and occasionally you will still fall asleep on my shoulder while I carry you up the stairs.  

I can't believe how much our life has changed over the years and how much you've grown.  You know so much, you're curious about everything and you love to learn.  My favorite thing you do right now is say, "Mommy, what?" and that means you want me to tell you the name of whatever it is you're pointing to.  And when I tell you the name, you repeat it softly with a big smile on your face.  It's so amazing to watch you discover this world.  The things you discover and are excited about are so cute too, like rips in your jeans, "Momma What?" or sprinklers on our walks, "Mommy what?", or new foods and sometimes even old foods that you just now would like to know the names of.

You have such an awesome sense of humor and you love making people laugh.  You're friendly as can be and even though you're incredibly tough and wild and skilled at climbing, jumping and all things boy, you are also the best hugger and kisser I know, right up there with Zeke and of course next to Daddy that is.  I love laughing with you.  I LOVE playing pretend with you.  We like to play all over the house with your cars and even better I love watching you play when you don't notice I'm there.  It's so sweet to hear the simple conversations you stage from one toy to the other.

We love playing silly games together and I try to make all our games include lots of huggys and kisses.  You're favorite game to play with Mommy is "Doggies".  We bark and crawl and nuzzle up to each other's faces.  You've started playing doggy when you need some extra cuddle time from me and I love it.   You're at such a fun age right now.  You're still so little, but growing bigger and more independent every day.  For example you always need a kiss when you're hurt, but sometimes for the sake of time, you decide to slap a kiss on your knee yourself and call it good. :)  I love this combo of little man and baby boy.  You also love to know that you're still Mommy and Daddy's baby boy.

There are so many times in the day that you want us to be hands off and let you figure things out on your own, but tonight Daddy and I tucked you in together (a special treat for you birthday) and while he rocked you, I knelt beside you and we all sang songs together.  You had a giant smile spread across your face the whole time and gently put your arm around my neck, while I laid my head on your chest and you stroked my hair.  If I sat up, you softly put your arm around me again.  Talk about wrapping your Mom around your little finger.  Then we had our family kiss fest and Daddy and I kissed your cheeks while you smiled and ate up every second.  Not to mention all the kisses I planted on those sweet red lips of yours.  Oh how we love you!  In our prayer tonight I got choked up thanking Heavenly Father for you.  It feels like my birthday today and you are my gift!  By the way, you're learning to pray right now and it is so sweet.  You mostly just say "Mommy" and "Daddy", repeatedly with the occasional "brother, Bonky and Jesus" and a few BIG "Ammeeeens" but I have to believe these are some of the Lord's favorite prayers.     

You love visiting the Dr. (sadly you're all to familiar with this routine) and you love nursery at church.  It helps whenever Grandma (AKA Bonky) is in there.  You're Daddy is still your best friend, but you and I have a pretty great thing going.  Isaac is slowly working his way into your heart too.  You are such a sweet big brother for being only 2.  Isaac has received his fair share of hits and pokes from you, sometimes out of curiosity, other times frustration, but he's been the recipient of even more hugs, beijos and cuddles.  Today I asked you to make sure Isaac didn't fall off the couch while I got him a diaper and you lovingly and extremely gently, put your arms around his head and chest, taking great care not to wrap too tight, until I came back.  You took your responsibility to protect Isaac very seriously.

 I can see how much you love him and I love that relationship you two are building.  I realize my time will become more divided with the more children that come into our family, but I will always treasure the days you and I spent finding a hundred different ways to soak up every minute with each other.  Endless days of hugging, kissing, playing and just plain staring at each other for hours on end.  You are one of my most favorite people on this earth and I thank Heavenly Father every single day, not just for making me a Mom, but for allowing me the honor of being your Mom.  If Heavenly Father has favorites I'm sure you're one of his.  :)

I love you so much my Darling boy and I'm so proud of everything you are and are becoming.

Thank you for loving me too.  Love,