Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A poem for Boston

Dear Boston,

This is the poem I wrote for you on your one year birthday.  I put this poem on the back of your birthday invitation and wrote it to the cadence of Good Night Moon (the theme for your birthday party and a favorite book of yours). 

In the white nursery room there was a baby boy who'd be turning one soon
and a momma who rocked him and sang him a tune.

It was getting late yet the boy stayed awake.  The momma grabbed off the shelf a book that would help.
When the last word was read she laid him in bed.

While he slept he did dream of a beautiful scene.  A great green room and a cow jumping over the moon.

Goodnight moon he said, and goodnight crib for a bed.
Goodnight pacifiers, and goodnight all nighters.

Goodnight pureed mush, I know there's no rush,
but I'm growing up fast

and finally at last!  Goodnight nursery room I'll be turning one soon!


My copy of GNM that was read to me as a baby.

One year with you Babe

Dear Boston,

Can you believe it?  We have spent one year straight, every single day (most hours of the day) and many hours of the night together!  And that's not counting the 10 months I got to carry you around in my belly.  :)  You have been the best little pal and I have not ceased to be impressed with how incredible you are.

You are a special little spirit Boss.  There is just something about you kid.  I thought by now I would for sure be a little less in awe of you...but nope...just more amazed, more madly in love, every day.  You crack me and your Daddy up as your little personality is really starting to shine.  You always have been the sweetest/mellowest little man, but you now are showing your spunk.  I was wondering when my genes would show up in you!  You are determined, talented, excited about life and curious about everything.  You are so happy, even on days without naps you are still so much fun.  You love to laugh, kiss, wrestle, chase or be chased, dance, clap, blow, and talk with Mommy or Daddy.  You love people.  You love to be around them and try to get all their attention focused on you.  you accomplish this by waving at them, touching/petting them, getting in their face and smiling at them or just grunting...loudly at them.  :) 

I think this year we have made some fantastic memories together.  I really feel like we are building this amazing foundation for what I hope to be an awesome and close relationship for the rest of our lives.
Every morning I wake up to your little voice yelling or crying or chatting from down the hall and I say a prayer and thank the Lord that he gave me one more day with you.  You are a little treasure in my life and your Daddy feels the exact same way.  We spend MUCH of our time while you are asleep talking about you, watching videos of you, or filling each other in on the hilarious things you've done that day.

I love you pal,



PS I am listening to Pandora right now and a song just came on called Boston!  It's by Augustana.  Pretty cool, huh?