Saturday, February 22, 2014

Isaac at 18 months

Dear Zekeybooboo,

You are still my little stinker.  Daddy and I have a hard time not gobbling you up every day, you're just so darn cute.  These days you're into EVERYTHING.  If I can't find a toy, or a shoe,  I look in a kitchen cupboard.  If I can't find a kitchen appliance, I check the entertainment center.  You're curious about everything and you love stuffing things away, into boxes or cupboards.  You also enjoy figuring out all the places you can fit your little body.  Some of your favorite places to climb in are the shoe box, the entertainment center, the drawer under the oven and the kitchen towel drawer.  

I commonly say that you delight in being naughty (not really), but you do so enjoy pushing boundaries and doing things you know Mommy has asked you not to do.  Not only that, but you do it with a laugh and a smile.  I think you might give us a run for our money.  You're figuring out how to communicate and you love tapping me and saying, "Momma" and then you guide me toward what you need (usually food). Everyday you pick up new words.

Mom = Momma
Dad = Dadda
Boston = Baba
Bonkie = Mom Mom

You also say, Hi, Bye, doggy, uh oh, thank you, hello, Nana, Papa, No, yeah, light, ouch, book, bite, mine, please and a bunch more I can't think of at the moment.  

Nursery is your new stomping grounds and I think you're gonna love it.   I still call you my chub to the bub, but you're rapidly thinning out and growing tall.  You're my big boy now!  It's bittersweet.  You still love to cuddle Momma and you give the sweetest beijos.  You're a smart little thing, always curious and discovering.  Daddy and I find you at least twice a day, hunkered down by the book shelf, surrounded by a pile of books.  You'll sit there for an hour just reading and flipping your pages.  You love your books!
One of my favorite things about you these days are your stink faces.  You make the best "fake cry" face and it kills me every time.  You're also so silly and Daddy, Bosty and I laugh and laugh at all of your silly antics.  You like to make us laugh and you're such a joy.

WE love you sweet boy,


3 1/2 years old

Dear Boston,

It's been awhile since I last wrote you.  I've been inspired to write because you're changing so much lately.  You're in the middle of a mental growth spurt.  Everything is being absorbed at an accelerated rate and your desire to learn and know more is never satisfied.  It's a really fun time to be your Mom.  I'll make you a little list of Boston facts for 3 1/2 years old.

  • You don't always want to read scriptures, but the moment I sit down and start reading about someone getting killed, or someone building a boat, you're hooked.
  • I asked you today if you remember who was asked to build a boat in the Book of Mormon and you responded, "NeHi"! 
  • You love being a big brother and you're such a big helper.  In the mornings we ask you to gently "dump" Isaac out of his pack n play when he's calling for us.  Then you lead Isaac back to our room
  • Reading is something you're passionate about right now.  You want to follow along with your fingers, you have lots of questions and you like to point out all the letters you know.  
  • We just finished our first chapter book, Mary Poppins and you LOVED it.  Due to Nana's recommendation I think we'll try Treasure Island next.
  • When reading out chapter book you would say, "Can I see a picture?  Oh yeah!  I have to imagine it with my mind!"  
  • You love finding letters on all kinds of signs when we're driving. 
  • Counting is your favorite these days and everything must be counted.  You're also learning how to add. 
  • You love playing football and Minion Rush on Daddy's phone.
  • Life has gotten so much easier for you and I at 3.  You're a much better listener and do a lot less hitting!  Although we still need to work on being a better protector of brother.
  • At the Trampoline house Mommy was playing with Uncle Brett and he tried to throw me in the foam pit, but you didn't know we were playing and stood between us, hitting Uncle Brett shouting "Stop it!!"  I felt bad that you didn't know we were playing, but it warmed my heart that you are Mommy's protector.  
  • One time we were talking about who the moon belonged to and you answered, "The Sky".  Then I asked, "Who made the sky" and you answered, "Umm,  Daddy or Tio Brett".  
  • You love Bonkie and enjoy playing catch with her. 
  • You're growing so fast and getting taller by the minute.  You're feet went from 7's to 11's in months! 
  • Often times, for no reason at all, you will just say,  "I love you Mommy".  You do the same thing with Daddy and it warms our hearts. 
I could go on and on Boss, but I've got to get ready so that we can all go see The Lego Movie as a family! You're such a joy!