Thursday, December 1, 2011

I love you

Dear Boston,

It has been too long since I've wrote you a letter.  This is not for a lack of things to write, because you're keeping things quite interesting around here.  This is also not for lack of love, because I love you more every just keep me a lot busier these days.  You are so playful.  Daddy and I love this about you.  You are sweet and funny and silly and you adore people.  I love that you're so social.  You love music and after tonight (I took you to a Christmas party, where piano music was being played) I realize I need to get you a piano.  You waved your arms wildly as if you were conducting the music, the entire time the piano played.  You love to cuddle Momma and I think you now are attached to Daddy and I equally.  You used to play favorites, but now you're happy with either one of us. 

Two days ago I was kneeling next to you, while you sat on the couch and you wrapped your arm around my neck and gave me a beijo.  It made me cry because it was so intentional and seemed so old of you.  It also made me feel like you must adore me as much as I adore you.  It's kind of an awesome love affair we have going on.  Do you think Daddy and I are as funny and cute as we think you are?  Perhaps you too find it simply adorable how Daddy and I run, or eat, or laugh? Haha.  Just that thought makes me laugh out loud. 

You're learning so much every day.  You say 4 words now and you even know a phrase (uh-oh).  You're almost there with "thank you" and "bye bye".  You're picking up new baby signs by the minute and you know how to fold your arms for prayer.  In fact the other day Momma forgot to say prayer with you, so you just waited patiently, with arms folded, for Momma to realize her mistake.  After we said the prayer you dug right into your food.  You have a great little spirit about you and even with all your energy, you still make the best company.  I hope we're always buddies like we are now.  I know at some point we probably won't hug and kiss as much as we do now, but I hope that's replaced with good talks and playing games and learning and growing from each other. 

I love you so much Pal,



Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A poem for Boston

Dear Boston,

This is the poem I wrote for you on your one year birthday.  I put this poem on the back of your birthday invitation and wrote it to the cadence of Good Night Moon (the theme for your birthday party and a favorite book of yours). 

In the white nursery room there was a baby boy who'd be turning one soon
and a momma who rocked him and sang him a tune.

It was getting late yet the boy stayed awake.  The momma grabbed off the shelf a book that would help.
When the last word was read she laid him in bed.

While he slept he did dream of a beautiful scene.  A great green room and a cow jumping over the moon.

Goodnight moon he said, and goodnight crib for a bed.
Goodnight pacifiers, and goodnight all nighters.

Goodnight pureed mush, I know there's no rush,
but I'm growing up fast

and finally at last!  Goodnight nursery room I'll be turning one soon!


My copy of GNM that was read to me as a baby.

One year with you Babe

Dear Boston,

Can you believe it?  We have spent one year straight, every single day (most hours of the day) and many hours of the night together!  And that's not counting the 10 months I got to carry you around in my belly.  :)  You have been the best little pal and I have not ceased to be impressed with how incredible you are.

You are a special little spirit Boss.  There is just something about you kid.  I thought by now I would for sure be a little less in awe of you...but nope...just more amazed, more madly in love, every day.  You crack me and your Daddy up as your little personality is really starting to shine.  You always have been the sweetest/mellowest little man, but you now are showing your spunk.  I was wondering when my genes would show up in you!  You are determined, talented, excited about life and curious about everything.  You are so happy, even on days without naps you are still so much fun.  You love to laugh, kiss, wrestle, chase or be chased, dance, clap, blow, and talk with Mommy or Daddy.  You love people.  You love to be around them and try to get all their attention focused on you.  you accomplish this by waving at them, touching/petting them, getting in their face and smiling at them or just grunting...loudly at them.  :) 

I think this year we have made some fantastic memories together.  I really feel like we are building this amazing foundation for what I hope to be an awesome and close relationship for the rest of our lives.
Every morning I wake up to your little voice yelling or crying or chatting from down the hall and I say a prayer and thank the Lord that he gave me one more day with you.  You are a little treasure in my life and your Daddy feels the exact same way.  We spend MUCH of our time while you are asleep talking about you, watching videos of you, or filling each other in on the hilarious things you've done that day.

I love you pal,



PS I am listening to Pandora right now and a song just came on called Boston!  It's by Augustana.  Pretty cool, huh?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grandma and many others love you

Dear Boston,

You are loved.  Not just by Dad and I, but by so many people.  In particular, Grandma Tresa sure does love you and you love her.  She is here visiting with us and every morning we go down to her room to say good morning.  She jumps out of bed excited to see you and play with you and you go straight to her (or her waterbottle which you also love) and tell her all about your night.  You often give her hugs and big kisses and Grandma just eats those up.

Grandma doesn't always feel the healthiest but when you are around none of that matters.  She runs and jumps and plays and dances with you as much as you want.  This morning was a rough morning for her and she was throwing up and sick in bed.  But as soon as she heard you wake up from your nap, she hopped out of bed and asked if she could take you outside to play.  I'm watching her swing you right now and it brings a tear to my eye.  She doesn't feel well ever and today she feels worse, but she is not only pushing you on your swing, she is pushing you extra high and giving you underdogs.  I can hear you and her talking and I feel so blessed to know that my baby is the recipient of such pure and unconditional love.   Just think how blessed you are Boss!  Not only does this Grandma love you to pieces but so do your Grandpa and Nana and Papa.  Nana and Papa light up every time they get to see you.  They were the first ones to meet you after you were born and Papa gave up Nana for a whole week so that she could come be with us and help us figure out this whole parenting thing.  Nana and Papa plan to drive 4 hours this Saturday to attend your first birthday party just because they love you.  All of these people and many more (including all your Aunt's Uncles, Tia's and Tio's) would do anything for you.

Grandpa (the one that calls you Chicago)
Nana and Papa
Like I said Babe, you are loved. And we all feel so blessed to love on such a sweet, deserving little guy like you.



Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The art of the tantrum

Dear Boston,

You have discovered the tantrum and my do you have a talent for it.  I'm actually kind of proud of you, I was pegging you for a softie.  I don't know when you developed these new temper tantrum skills, but you seem to have your little system down.

The tantrum starts with the face.  You squish your face up into the "crying face".  It starts out as just a face, (no real emotion behind it yet) but soon enough you are able to make the fake crying face turn into the real crying face and out come the tears along with the yell.  You cry/yell and let those crocodile tears flow freely.  However, it's not long before you realize, "this is just not getting the job done".

I introduce, the Humming bird (albeit an angry, loud slightly larger Humming bird).  You flap your arms  a million miles a minute as hard as you can.  Again, to your dismay this still is not getting the job done. This is when you decide you just may need to swat something and that something is Momma...almost always her foot.  You usually throw a second swat in there, just for good measure.  At this point I begin to laugh (I can't help myself, I'm new to the Tantrum), and you cry harder, but like your Momma you can't help yourself either and you begin to laugh along with me.

We hug, we makeup and just like that we are friends again.

At some point I will do the responsible thing and use some awesome parenting technique on those tantrums that will blow your mind...but for now I think I will just laugh.



Saturday, June 25, 2011

Your birth Song

Dear Boston,

When you were born Dad and I had church music playing on Pandora.  When you came out and were placed on my chest one of the nurses said, "it's like this song was meant to be playing".   Dad and I couldn't remember the song you were born to because we were totally caught up in meeting you for the first time!  We knew one of the songs that played had lyrics like, "we will love you, we will take care of you" but we couldn't remember THE song that played the moment you were born.

Well, today while I was cleaning and listening to the same Pandora station (Hillary Weeks) that I listened to in the Hospital, your song came on!  Your birth song.  The one I had been wishing I could find.  It hit me like a ton of bricks and I knew it was your song.  It is a beautiful song about Christ's birth.  The day you were born was such a spiritual experience.   Here is THE song.

I love you baby,



Thursday, June 23, 2011


Dear Boston,
I am currently rocking you in one arm while typing with the other.  I wanted to share my latest journal entry with you. Here it is,

Thursday June 23rd, 2011
7 am (cozy in bed)

Boston is 9 months old and is presently experiencing croup for the first time. Poor baby. He is sleeping sweetly in his crib next to me right now. The wind is blowing the curtains open and a cool breeze is filling the room after a long hot night. The sound of the humidifier is keeping us company, thankfully sans coughing attacks. For now, Boston sleeps peacefully. We had a long worried filled night. I watched Boston toss and turn all night in between one coughing fit after the other. He tangled himself in his blanket as he tossed and turned all night. With every turn a little more of his chubby thighs were exposed. I replaced his blanket back over his sweet little body all through the night, taking care to not wake him. Boston was in constant search of a comfortable sleeping position and when he couldn't find one, he would sit up, try to orient himself and then toss his head back down, bum in the air, in total exhaustion. When his coughing fits got really bad I picked him up and held him, while patting his back until they subsided. We stood and sweat together in a hot steamy bathroom trying to clear his airways. I nursed Boston multiple times throughout the night and these moments were the few that he seemed totally at peace and relaxed. I cried a little. Observed a lot and prayed all night long. Countless times I reached over to touch his little chest to see if he was breathing ok. I picked him up to rock him and lay him back down many hours throughout the night. It was a long worry filled night and all I could think, was how much I love this baby.

He is my world. I want nothing but the very best for him and there is nothing I wouldn't do for him. He is such a sweet sweet baby and hardly cries. He hardly even makes a fuss. He just looks up at me for comfort and twirls my hair in his fingers as I sing him his favorite songs. Boston loves and adores me and I unconditionally love him. He is everything to Dane and I. He's the first thing we think about when we wake up and the last thing we talk about when we go to bed. I pray that his health will return soon. I know Heavenly Father is looking out for him and for all of us.

i just love this nakey picture of you...don't worry i'll delete it from here before you're old enough to get mad at me about it
I am so tired, but so grateful that I get to be the one serving this little boy. He is an angel and it is an honor to be his Momma. I am so grateful that the Lord has entrusted this sweet spirit to my care and I will do everything I can to care for and love and nourish this little boy.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Growing up so fast

You and your buddy Owen
Dear Boston,

You are growing up WAY too fast.  As excited as I am to watch you grow and change I am quickly realizing that you won't be my chubby baby boy for much longer!  You are learning new things daily.  At 8 months old you said your first word, "Momma".  Then around 8 1/2 months you said your second word, "Bob".  haha!   Daddy and I laughed and laughed the first time we heard that.  I'm not sure who Bob is, but you sure like saying his name.  :) 

I was reading a book yesterday but I had to pause because I couldn't take my eyes off you.  You were so cute trying to figure our your toys.  Your motto these days is, "Go and do".  Your hands and feet are always busy.  You still love to be silly with me and Dad, but you are not much of a cuddler.  Your naps are going so much better these days and you and I love to cuddle up in the rocking chair and read Goodnight moon together.  You are standing up all on your own for long periods of time and you love to cruise along pieces of furniture to get to mom or Dad. 

My favorite new thing of yours is this silly face you make whenever you are hungry.  It looks like you are trying to make a crying face, without actually crying.  It is so funny and so cute.

We love you more every day kiddo!



Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another blog!

I started ANOTHER blog.  It's a blog strictly for testimony bearing.  :)  I've felt inspired recently to share the Gospel with as many people as I can and a blog is a GREAT format to do that.  

Enjoy!  :)

This is My Testimony

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Big Kids

Dear Boston,

Tonight you received your first significant bonk on the head.  You have been an official crawler for 4 days now and already you have found plenty of things to bonk your head on.  I feel a little guilty for the bonk you received tonight.  Daddy and I were playing with you and your toys and we were all having a great time.  Then Daddy and I got wrapped up in a mini game of basketball (one person holds their hands out like a hoop and the other person tries to swish the ball).  Daddy was beating me big time and I REALLY wanted to win, so I was focused on our little game.  Well if I wasn't such a kid and more of an adult I would have noticed my sweet child crawling his way toward the tv stand, but I didn't see until it was too late.  I knew you were about to bonk and I already started running for you.  You have a little Goose egg (sad)  but I think you will be alright.

Consider this fair warning Boss.  Dad and I are a couple of kids and probably always will be.  At times this will serve you well, and other times you just might....well, bonk your head.  Sorry Pal.

We love you.  We love you.


PS  Oh and let it be known your first word is "Momma".  That's right!  I'm not positive you know exactly what it means yet, but you sure do love to say it!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The books you love

Dear Boston,

you are now 7 1/2 months old.  You roll over, get up on your knees, sing, laugh, shout, play, and eat from a spoon.  You love to play silly games with Daddy and I and you love playing on your special quilt from Nana.  Some days I plop you on the quilt with two of your toy boxes and watch you dig through them, pulling out toys from one box, and placing them in the other.  Other times I plop you on your blanket, surrounded by all of your books.  You love your books.  You love to look at the pictures, have them read to you, and taste them (as evidenced by the rough edges), but that's what board books are for right?  Grandma Tresa has bought you most of your board books and you sure do love them.  I am crazy about board books too because I want you to be able to get your hands on them, feel them, taste them, whatever you want, just to start out your love of books.  You also love when Daddy or I read to you.  You have some special favorites, so I will list them out.

You love your Wheels on the bus book.  It has a musical button on it and you love to eat the button or try to press it.  You get a big smile on your face when I sing this book to you.  This book is a big board book so you like to stare at each of the stuffed animals on the bus.

Your Dr. Seuss board books are a big favorite with you.  We like to lay on our backs, while I read these books to you.  Your personal favorites are Big Dog, Little Dog, There's a Wocket in my pocket (this is my fav. too)  and Ten Apples up on Top.

We love reading, Are you my mother?  By P.D. Eastman.

We read the scriptures everyday, but we also read the portugese children's Book of Mormon.  You love this book, but because it's very special, and not a board book I can't let you get your little hands on it.

Another very special book you are constantly trying to get your hands on is, Goodnight Moon. This book is very old, and it's the same copy that my Momma read to me when I was a baby.  This book is so calming to you (and me) and we read it before every nap and bedtime.

If you have the patience for it, we also read you the first book that Daddy and I bought for you called, On the Night you were born.  This book is so sweet and I have it memorized cover to cover.  So whenever you are upset, even if I don't have the book on hand, I start saying the words to the book and you get a HUGE smile on your face.

You also love your Hippo's Go Berserk book from Aunt Natalie.

The book I used to read to you every single day is, The Napping House, but I have that book memorized too, and I got a little sick of it, so we have retired it for a couple weeks.  :)

I also have 4 mini Beatrix Potter books from when I was little that are board books and we bring them to church every Sunday and you seem to enjoy them.

Your very favorite book to chew on is a book with all rubber pages.

Well, I think we covered most of your favorites.  I will try and update our new favorites as time goes on.

Your favorite songs have remained the same from the beginning,

To Make you Feel my love,  I will Love you (not the Whitney song), and Fix you.

When we are being silly you have a lot of fun with, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Daddy's Greasy grimy song, and I'm your Buckaroo.



Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Silly Momma, happy baby

Dear Boston,

Dad is the one around here that gets all of your really good laughs, and he does it without hardly trying.  I however have to go to great lengths to get a laugh out of you.  Here is a list of some of the things I do to make you laugh.

I dance around the house, tossing my head from side to side singing/chanting "Bostybear!  Bostybear!"  over and over and over.

I lean over you and let you pull on my hair so hard that I feel like it will rip off my scalp (I get some really good laughs off of that one).

I sing over and over, "diarrhea poopoo! Diarrhea poopoo!".  I know that is awful, but I said it one time (you can guess why) and you just about died laughing, so I tried it again and again and it works like a charm every time.  Boys will boys.

I let you grip my face with both little hands as tight as you can, and pull me in for a big, open mouth slobber on the cheek.

I sing the same songs over and over and over just to get a little chuckle from you.

I stick my hand over the car seat while we are driving, so that you can grab it and pull as hard as you can.  It hurts a little and gets tiring but you laugh SO hard I can't resist.

As I am writing this list I am noticing quite a few of these things I do to make you laugh involve varying amounts of pain to me!  Now I will share with you what Daddy does.

He smiles at you.  You laugh.
He sits you on his shoulders and says, "get down from up there".  You laugh.
He tickles you.  You laugh.
He spanks your bum and says, "naughty boy".  You laugh.
He kisses you.  You laugh.
He changes your diaper. You laugh.

Are you seeing a pattern here Turkey?  Can't you give a girl a break?  Dad and I had a contest the other day to see how long it would take to get you to laugh.  For Dad it was 15 seconds.  Me?  A minute and a half! However, when you are upset, I am the one that can calm you down INSTANTLY!  I'll take it.  :)



Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Your favorite book

Dear Boston,

your Momma is a book lover.  I love to read as much and as often as I can.  I hope to instill this love for books and reading in you, so in an attempt to do that, I read with you every day.  We read Dr. Seuss, Beatrix Potter, Audrey Wood, etc...  The one book we are very consistent with is the Scriptures.  And I swear, I am not being a cheesy Mom (ok maybe a little) but you have a totally unique reaction to the scriptures.  When I read you your books you look at the pages with interest and try to reach out and grab them.  When I read you the scriptures you smile up at me the whole time.  I know you don't understand the words I am saying, but I think you must recognize the spirit that enters the room. 

Grandma Tresa told me her favorite memories of me as a child were when I would come into her room while she was napping and plop her heavy scriptures up on her stomach.  Then I would climb up in bed with her and ask her to read to me.  I loved and continue to love the scriptures.  I hope you love them too.  As you get older the scriptures will become very familiar to you and reading them may feel a little routine and insignificant at times.  But I want you to remember that when you were just a baby you could recognize the special spirit that the scriptures bring into a room.  That spirit is tangible.  It is real.  It can be hard to recognize, in fact I don't recognize that spirit every time I read...but you do. I just want you to remember that. 

I love you Boston.
Isaiah ch 11 vs 6  "and a little child shall lead them".  

Love, Momma

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Letter to Mommy

Dear Boston,

The other day I went to check on you in your bed and to my surprise I saw you swaddled up with a card on your chest.  Daddy had been giving me cards and leaving them around  the house all week, but you can imagine my surprise when I saw that you had wrote me one!

Here is what it said,


You are my favorite thing.  The noises you make are the best.  You are the most fun, sweet, huggy, and smell-goodiest of all things.  The Dadda thing stinks and is pokey.  You are the best Momma ever.  I have talked to a lot of other babies and I know! 

Thank you for taking such good care of me.  sorry I don't nap very well but it's your fault cause you're so loving and pretty that I can't resist seeing you come in and pick me up.  You make me so happy. 

I chose you up in Heaven.  Heavenly Father winked at me and told me, "She's the best I have". 
I love you Momma.


Bosty Bear

Right back at you Buddy!  Right back at you!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Partying together

Dear Boston,

Every night Daddy and I put you to bed and then we hang out watching movies, talking, playing games, etc...  Last night we did the same as always.  We put you to bed and then went to our bedroom (right next to yours) and talked and talked.  We started laughing and we were a little loud.   The next thing we heard was You cracking up laughing over the monitor! haha!  I guess you just thought you were part of the party.  Daddy and I ran in your room and you were wide awake, smiling, laughing and grabbing your little feet (that's your thing right now).  So of course we picked you up and played with you for a little while and then put you back down. 

That will by FAR be one of my favorite memories with you and Daddy ever.  It was one of those, "Life does not get better than this moments". 

 I love you so much...thanks for all the laughs



Friday, January 21, 2011

My Favorites

Dear Boston,

I just have to say that I feel so honored to be your Momma.  I have never had a greater responsibility in my hands and I just know that the Lord sent Daddy and I one of his most precious spirits to take care of, and we are still in awe that you chose us.  Or maybe we chose you...who knows, we probably all chose each other, but all I can say is that I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be your Mother.

So I have compiled a list of my "favorites" with you from our last 4 months together.  May I share? 

Your stinky, sweaty little hands (trust me I never thought that would be my favorite thing about a guy I'm in love with) nonetheless, It is one of my favorite little things about you.  No matter how often I wash them, they still stink and it just reminds me how BOY you really are.  :)

Your laugh is awesome!  I spend good portions of our days making every ridiculous face, noise, and voice in attempts to just hear that laugh for a's SO worth it!

Our daily conversations.  We talk and talk and you just think it is the coolest thing ever.  You sometimes can't contain your excitement and with a huge grin you do this bashful little shoulder shrug and curl up in a ball.

Your attempts to get me to stay in the room with you at night.  I read you your story, sing you your songs and then put you in bed.  As I leave, you stick your chin out and let out your little, "hey! Mom!  Where you going?" noise and about half the time (although I know I shouldn't) I let you reel me in for one more kiss. 

I love how you track me or Daddy.  Which ever one of us that you seem to be interested in at the moment, you will not let us out of your sight.  You track us at all costs, even if it means arching your back and looking at us upside down.  I love it.

You are learning how to do more kisses and less licks...this is a good thing.  :)

You love standing up while I hold your hands and you get this really proud look on your face and you always without fail look around the room for Daddy.  You don't really care what Mom thinks of this awesome just want to know that you're making Daddy proud. 

I love listening to you and Daddy read together. 

This week you have really discovered your voice and Daddy and I have had many moments where we sit, listening to the monitor just cracking up, because your vocal range is so much fun to listen to!

Well, those are my favorites with you as of recently.  Should I mention my not so favorites?  You have been a little turkey with sleeping lately and you are not doing so hot with nursing either.  Let's get these things figured out Buddy.  But in the mean time just keep up your general cuteness and I think we will be just fine.  :)



Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas pics!

 Bosty's stocking
 Our family Christmas decorations
 Me, Nana and London
Uncle Beau's graduation party
 Bosty dressed up for the occasion

 Boss and Nana

 Merry Christmas!

I love him!!
 Not sure at all what we are doing

 Papa, Bosty and Nana

 Kiks, Cassie and Chickaboom
 My brother and sister's village!
 The Jarretts
 Me and the Nursing cover.  Every niece and nephew took a peak down the top to see what was going on down there!
 Boss meeting my Dad for the first time.  Boss could not stop staring at my Dad's mustache! haha.  I have never seen that look on Boss' face before.
 Miss my Dad!
 My Dad's Harley!
 Going for a ride!
 Tatum (one of the little girls I nannied for) and Boss pooping on her lap!
 He had a fever this whole day!  My poor little sickypoo!
 Playing the Wii!  This picture has so much more meaning if you were there.  Jodi may look like she is just reading, but she was an intricate part of the game!
 Luke and Nargle!  Umm....when did they get so old?!
 My Momma and Boss
 laughing with Momma
 Talking to Momma
 Sleeping with Momma
 Baby in a stocking

 Boss and the neighbor baby Owen
Boss and his buddy...just 10 days apart!

My cute boy!