Saturday, May 28, 2016

Letter to Boston

Dear Bosty,

Hey Bud.  I love you so much.  You're 5 years old and my biggest helper.  You played soccer this year and loved it.  You were good too!  You were by far the fastest and you loved it.  I really enjoyed watching you play.  I loved at the end of the season how you learned to pass and be a great team player.  for the last 2 years I've taught you preschool and in a couple weeks it's all over!  Boss!  What am I gonna do without you?  You'll be in full day kindergarten in a few months. We just had your orientation and you were very nervous, but excited.  I watched you shake the teachers hands like a big boy and It hit me how old you are getting.  How are you not a toddler anymore?  This is nuts.

When we sat down at orientation, there was a long presentation and you leaned over and said, "This is gonna be hard to be good".  I assured you that kindergarten would not be like this Adult centered presentation. :)  You're one of a kind Boss.  When it rains, you point out it's precipitating, you love cars and sports and anything that will make you move fast, but you'll always slow down to hold, kiss, or care for a sister.  I don't even have to ask you to look out for the sisters, you just do it all on your own.

I'm gonna miss seeing your cute face all day next year.  We'll be lost without you.  But I'll get through knowing how much fun you're having.

I love you Boston.  So much.

Love, Momma.

Letter to Isaac

Hey Dude,

You are 3 years old and sometime I feel like you're about 12.  There's no chub left on you!  You're just all big boy now, with your cute Zekey voice and buzzed hair and long legs.  Somehow you've never stopped being my baby.  Maybe it's because you hold that position dear, or maybe it's because you're my baby boy, but you and I still eat up our cuddle time together and you looove to be babied.  You're also becoming such a big boy by being a bigger helper around the house, helping with the sisters, and being so very gentle and sweet with them.

Dad and I love this stage with you.  It might be your cutest yet.  You say the funniest things and we LOVE getting glimpses into your little mind.  I love your confidence.  The other day we walked into a building and you introduced our entire group to the first man we met. And I don't know if I would call this a skill but you're a great little liar.  You have no qualms about it.   I also love that you know your needs and take time for yourself, to play at your own pace, making up your own rules.  The quickest way to your heart is still asking you to cuddle up and read a book together.

You're a charmer Zeke.  People kinda fall head over heals for ya, there's just something about you. :)

We love you so much Zekeybooo!

Love,  Momma

PS:  Just now you walked up to me and I told you I was writing this letter.  You just said,

"Does it say, naughty Isaac spilt all the noodles?"  and I said, "No.  Did you spill all the noodles?"
You said, yes.  Hmm....

Letter to Remington

Dear, sweet Remi,

You are 16 months baby girl and you just get cuter, with crazier hair every day.  I have a little joke that you and your sister often look like two disheveled little librarians because your hair is WILD and you're always walking around with a book in hand.  You're so much fun Remi.  I love the way you walk right into new situations and start having fun.  Your belly laugh is still my favorite, but more recently i've noticed this subtle, soft smile that just melts my heart.  I love how you sometimes walk sideways  to make sure you clear doorways that could fit about 8 Remi's,  I'm still your #1 girl, so I get your best hugs, loves and excitement.  You still are nice and loud about telling me your needs, but I've also seen a very patient side to you.  When Rowan takes a toy, or somethings not quite working out, you adapt and move on.  Your brothers are your favorites and you get very excited to see them in the mornings.  Daddy and I are still trying to remember how different boys and girls are and we work really hard not to hurt your sweet little feelings.  :)

We just adore you Rem.  You're just a squishy, sweet little love.  Never change.

Love,  Momma

Letter To Rowan

Dearest little Rowy,

It's been awhile since I've written letters to my darling 4, so I'm starting with you, my youngest.
You're 16 months right now!  A busy little girl with a plan.  You're always tromping around the house with your little belly sticking out, trying to see who might have the next toy you want to play with.  You love your siblings and give them kisses, and loves.  Especially Remi.  You're always looking out for her and if she's sad, you bring her a binky.  You might take the binky right back, but it's the thought that counts. :)  I love how you say, "MAMY" and stick the palm of your hand out for me to kiss it.  I've noticed a little spice in you as you whip your little head around when you have a plan, or steal Remi's toys, or learn to make your needs known too.

One of my favorite things I've learned about you recently is how much you love music.  The music comes on and MAN girl, You. Are. Bopping.  You get those little legs pumping and you look at the ground and shake your hair while you spin in circles.  If music is on, you are dancing.  And you're very concentrated on your moves. Some of your dance moves have been inspired by watching me do yoga (like downward dog).  You're just the cutest.

I love you Row.  I love your snuggles and your sweet beijos and your little belly and happy smile.

You're just growing up beautifully.

Love,  Momma

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Letter to Remi on her 1st Birthday

Dear Remington,

Oh how this Momma loves you.  As I've got to know you over this last year I've noticed some recurring themes that I think I can firmly call, character traits.  You've been a little fighter from day one.  You even fought your way to be born first, even though you were baby B!  You're a chatty little thing and you love the sound of your voice.  You are loud girl.  I mean, LOUD.  But it's usually happy loud, so I'll take it.  You love people and like to chat with them, or smile at them, but you prefer to be wrapped in my arms, cheek to cheek, holding both my ears or hair and kissing me or letting me kiss you.  The closer we are the better.  You remind me of Isaac as a baby, and I believe when he picked you to be "his baby" he picked a kindred spirit.  I used to say, "Isaac loves me so good.  I've never been loved like that" and that was true, until you came along.  You and Isaac show me love in the best, all encompassing kind of way.  I walk in a room and your face lights up, your feet start kicking, your ecstatic giggle verges on mania and you follow me around with the fastest of army crawls until I pick you up. When I'm holding you I assume you're thinking something along the lines of, "how can we get any closer?!".  You just can't get enough.  And neither can I.

I love hearing your deep belly laugh, watching you speed army crawl, and have immensely enjoyed watching you fatten right up from that tiny 4 1/2 lbs you once were.  Everything about you is fierce.  Your loves.  Your smile.  Your tantrums.  I'm constantly reminded of how I was described as a baby.  You and I sister are cut from the same cloth.  Grandpa Scott wrote me a letter once as a baby, and in it, he said,

"Dear Jill, my fat little baby.  I miss you and your fierce loves.  Don't hurt the big girls".

I get it.  I would write this exact thing to you. You're a fun, silly little girl that has 2 grown teeth (making you and Isaac tied for youngest teeth growers in this family) and a head full of hair that you love to stroke when falling asleep.  Daddy adores you and is extra gentle with you since you have been his most tenderhearted child yet.  You say hi and nigh night accompanied by a darling wave.  I predict you and I having great conversations some day that have us rolling on the floor and laughing through tears.  You're a beautiful, vibrant little soul and I love every. little. thing about you.

We love you Remi!

Love, Momma

Letter to Rowan on her 1st Birthday

Dear Rowan,

You turned 1 yesterday!  Well, technically you turned one, two days ago, as I'm writing this at 12:40 am on the 7th.  (I write when I can!)  You and sister have been the highlight of my year.  This year has flown by.  There's been some hard parts.  Sleepless nights.  Long days.  Nursing struggles. Struggling to get anywhere on time.  But there's been so much more good.  Late night chats where you babble away.  Watching your hair grow long enough to poof up on top and tuck behind your ears.
I love all your sweet smiles, husky voice, and adventurous spirit.  You're a mover and remind me a lot of Boston as a baby.  Which  I just now realize is fitting, because you are and have always been, "his baby".  You like to face outward and be picked up for quick loves, then set back down to play and army crawl.  You easily draw in friends and adoring fans with your inviting nature.

  You've recently started pulling yourself up to standing and it's so fun to see you stomp those tiny legs while standing at the baby gate.  You feel proud of yourself and shout and giggle in your husky little voice at your big accomplishments.  You're silly and like to play games and repeat noises with Daddy especially back and forth.  You say hi and wave and give out sweet beijos when asked.

I realize you and sister are identical (I think?) but I feel like you look just a bit more like me, although your personality seems different than mine. I predict you grow up to be like some of my favorite friends that possess a quiet but definite presence in a room and a grace that I never could emulate but so admire.  Just as I felt when I carried you, you're a sweet, patient little soul.  You let me know you need me, but are willing to wait when needed.  I try to make sure you get to go first half the time, just as a thank you for all your patience.

I love you so much and I see so much grace, tenderness and kindness in your bright little soul.
I love you dearly.  Your Dad is utterly smitten with you.  And your brothers are your biggest fans.

We love you dear Row!  I'm so so forever grateful you're mine.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Boston's 5th Birthday

Happy Birthday Boston!  You are 5 years old!  I remember rocking you in your room, just a few weeks old, feeling scared of this new life together and feeling as in love as I'd ever felt.  Five years later, I'm still scared and so so much more in love.  How is this possible? At some poing my heart will surely explode.  Last night Dad and I stayed up talking through tears about you.  Where the Wild things are summed up my feelings last night perfectly.

Please don't go.  I'll eat you up I love you so.

How do you keep getting older so fast?  Are there still 365 days in a year?  I'm not so sure anymore. 

At 5 years old you are charming and curious and full of life.  Having 3 little siblings has brought out the very best of you.  For example you got hurt last night while grabbing me diapers and wipes in the sisters room while they slept, but knowing you needed to be quiet, you ran swiftly from the room, without making a sound, until you reached my bed and burst into tears as the scrape on your leg bled.  You'll hold a sister patiently through tears and screams because you love her so.  Isaac is your best friend and you'd do anything for him.  Dad remains your very best friend and we wouldn't have it any other way.  Reading, running, riding your bike, playing soccer, swinging and riding the wiggle bike are some of your favorites.  

It's quite possible you're on your way to being a vegetarian.  If you know the food has come from an animal, you won't eat it.  Preschool is your favorite and you can't WAIT for Kindergarten next year.

This day has been fun filled with presents and pancakes in the morning, a soccer game, gemstone digging and puzzle building in the afternoon and The Trampoline house and Mcdonalds this evening.  Last night you whispered to Dad as he tucked you in, 

Don't forget my decorations.
I'm pretty sure this day has lived up to your big birthday imagination.  We'll rock out at your party tomorrow.  

You're a good boy Boston Yancey.  
We love you with all our hearts,

Love, Momma.