Thursday, July 10, 2014

Letter to the Twins

Hi sweet babies,

You'll get your own letters once I know a little more about you (like if your boys or girls at least).  I just wanted to write to let you know how much I already love you.  The 3 of us have been together for the last 10 1/2 weeks and thankfully you haven't made me too sick!  Thank you for that. Which is also making me guess that the two of you might be girls.  I got MUCH sicker with the boys.  I feel a deep connection to the two of you and love you so much.  We only planned for one of you, but the minute I saw you both I fell in love twice.  It's gonna be a crazy ride for us, but I have hope that we're all gonna make it out ok.

Because of our unique circumstances I've had the pleasure of seeing you both every week since 5 weeks. Actually this will be the first week I don't get to take a peak.  That's ok though,  I get to see you both next week. :)  The two of you have grown from little circles to tiny little bodies with arms and legs.  You resemble a gummy bear almost exactly.  At one point one of you was big and one of you was tiny, but now you're both the exact same size with almost identical heartbeats.  The dr. said he hasn't seen that before (175 and 176).  You two are cuddled up on opposite ends (one head is resting on the others bum) and I saw lots of wiggling going on last week.  :)

We're so excited to get you babies here and we're so grateful that you're both a forever part of our little family.

I love you both.


Dear boys

Dear boys,

You are both growing and changing so much right now.  You're both in a very cute stage and Daddy and I laugh every day at your silly antics and new phrases.

Boston you're growing a lot these days.  You weigh about 36 lbs and grow half an inch every month or so (no joke.  We're measuring you on the wall).  You're wearing size 11 shoes, but not for much longer.
You're a very smart boy and also very curious.  A question for everything. :)  Right now your favorite book is "Who's your hero" and your favorite hero is Ammon.  I've been impressed to watch you take on your oldest brother role so well these days.  You're my biggest helper and are always willing and ready to grab me what I need, or help me clean up messes.  I rely on you a lot when it comes to teaching brother.  You help me keep him from making big messes or getting into big trouble.

You now have the pledge of allegiance, and first and second article of faith memorized.  You count great, know all your letters and their sounds and  know what letters your families names start with.  You also can sound out a couple small words when reading.  We've enjoyed writing together and you love writing out all of our names.   You have a great desire to learn how to read.  A couple of your favorite books you've memorized and "read" them to me and you feel so proud when you're done.  Trucks and cars are still a favorite to play with and you love the toy set Daddy built you.

Two cute things you've said lately,

"That was so nice of her, but I didn't want her to" - when telling Daddy about the neighbor offering to help you.

"Daddy, you're my best friend"

I love you Boss.  You're my little pal all day every day.  When Daddy's out of town our favorite thing to do is cuddle up in bed (after Isaac's asleep) and watch youtube cooking channels. :)  We have a blast together.
Oh!  And I can't forget your prayers.  You say the sweetest prayers these days, filled with phrases like, "Please bless the trees that Nana loves so much"  "Please bless our birdies"  "Please bless our two babies" "Please bless our bodies and hands and eyes etc..."  We LOVE hearing your thoughts through prayer.  


you're growing a lot too these days. You grew an inch this last month! I don't really know what shoe size you are since you just wear Boston's hand me downs and I can't remember the sizes!  You weigh 26 lbs.  I know this because you weighed yourself about 10 times yesterday morning while I got ready. :)  You're a chatty, smart little boy and just like brother,very curious.  Our number one favorite phrase of yours is

"Uh huh".

You never say yes.  It's always, "Uh huh".

You enjoy doing the pledge of allegiance and articles of faith with Boston (as best you can).  You say prayers now and sing along with the abcs and count to 3 perfect (after 3 it's a little bit gibberish).  Your favorite songs to sing are "Let it go" and "Love is an open door".

The second song is sung like this,

"Doooor.  Doooor.  Wis you.  Wis you. "

I can still claim you as a Momma's boy but your love for Daddy is threatening to take my place.  ;) Daddy coming home is the highlight of your day and sometimes you even prefer him at bedtime over me!
Thankfully I am still the recipient of lots of hugs, cuddles and beijos from you.  You'll always be my squishy little baby, I love you.

We've got a lot of changes coming up boys.  You're both going to be big brothers now.  I can't wait to watch our family grow, but I don't want to forget these days of just the 4 of us. We've got a pretty great life.

Love you both.



Saturday, February 22, 2014

Isaac at 18 months

Dear Zekeybooboo,

You are still my little stinker.  Daddy and I have a hard time not gobbling you up every day, you're just so darn cute.  These days you're into EVERYTHING.  If I can't find a toy, or a shoe,  I look in a kitchen cupboard.  If I can't find a kitchen appliance, I check the entertainment center.  You're curious about everything and you love stuffing things away, into boxes or cupboards.  You also enjoy figuring out all the places you can fit your little body.  Some of your favorite places to climb in are the shoe box, the entertainment center, the drawer under the oven and the kitchen towel drawer.  

I commonly say that you delight in being naughty (not really), but you do so enjoy pushing boundaries and doing things you know Mommy has asked you not to do.  Not only that, but you do it with a laugh and a smile.  I think you might give us a run for our money.  You're figuring out how to communicate and you love tapping me and saying, "Momma" and then you guide me toward what you need (usually food). Everyday you pick up new words.

Mom = Momma
Dad = Dadda
Boston = Baba
Bonkie = Mom Mom

You also say, Hi, Bye, doggy, uh oh, thank you, hello, Nana, Papa, No, yeah, light, ouch, book, bite, mine, please and a bunch more I can't think of at the moment.  

Nursery is your new stomping grounds and I think you're gonna love it.   I still call you my chub to the bub, but you're rapidly thinning out and growing tall.  You're my big boy now!  It's bittersweet.  You still love to cuddle Momma and you give the sweetest beijos.  You're a smart little thing, always curious and discovering.  Daddy and I find you at least twice a day, hunkered down by the book shelf, surrounded by a pile of books.  You'll sit there for an hour just reading and flipping your pages.  You love your books!
One of my favorite things about you these days are your stink faces.  You make the best "fake cry" face and it kills me every time.  You're also so silly and Daddy, Bosty and I laugh and laugh at all of your silly antics.  You like to make us laugh and you're such a joy.

WE love you sweet boy,


3 1/2 years old

Dear Boston,

It's been awhile since I last wrote you.  I've been inspired to write because you're changing so much lately.  You're in the middle of a mental growth spurt.  Everything is being absorbed at an accelerated rate and your desire to learn and know more is never satisfied.  It's a really fun time to be your Mom.  I'll make you a little list of Boston facts for 3 1/2 years old.

  • You don't always want to read scriptures, but the moment I sit down and start reading about someone getting killed, or someone building a boat, you're hooked.
  • I asked you today if you remember who was asked to build a boat in the Book of Mormon and you responded, "NeHi"! 
  • You love being a big brother and you're such a big helper.  In the mornings we ask you to gently "dump" Isaac out of his pack n play when he's calling for us.  Then you lead Isaac back to our room
  • Reading is something you're passionate about right now.  You want to follow along with your fingers, you have lots of questions and you like to point out all the letters you know.  
  • We just finished our first chapter book, Mary Poppins and you LOVED it.  Due to Nana's recommendation I think we'll try Treasure Island next.
  • When reading out chapter book you would say, "Can I see a picture?  Oh yeah!  I have to imagine it with my mind!"  
  • You love finding letters on all kinds of signs when we're driving. 
  • Counting is your favorite these days and everything must be counted.  You're also learning how to add. 
  • You love playing football and Minion Rush on Daddy's phone.
  • Life has gotten so much easier for you and I at 3.  You're a much better listener and do a lot less hitting!  Although we still need to work on being a better protector of brother.
  • At the Trampoline house Mommy was playing with Uncle Brett and he tried to throw me in the foam pit, but you didn't know we were playing and stood between us, hitting Uncle Brett shouting "Stop it!!"  I felt bad that you didn't know we were playing, but it warmed my heart that you are Mommy's protector.  
  • One time we were talking about who the moon belonged to and you answered, "The Sky".  Then I asked, "Who made the sky" and you answered, "Umm,  Daddy or Tio Brett".  
  • You love Bonkie and enjoy playing catch with her. 
  • You're growing so fast and getting taller by the minute.  You're feet went from 7's to 11's in months! 
  • Often times, for no reason at all, you will just say,  "I love you Mommy".  You do the same thing with Daddy and it warms our hearts. 
I could go on and on Boss, but I've got to get ready so that we can all go see The Lego Movie as a family! You're such a joy!  


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Quiet time

Dear Boston,

Today was day two of no nap.  We're starting a new adventure together, of giving up naps for quiet time. We've got some kinks to work out, but for the most part it's going great.  At 10 o clock I could of sworn you were in dire need of a nap and we even tried for one (unsuccessfully).  About 5 o clock tonight you could barely keep your eyes open and Daddy had to spoon feed you dinner (I think we'll try for a nap tomorrow). Around 4 o clock you wandered into the kitchen and exclaimed out of the blue,

                                          "I'm not tired!" ...while rubbing your eyes.

 But it's 3 o clock that made today really special, when you and I sat feet to feet on opposite ends of the couch.  You had your coloring crayons, paper and a coloring book and I had my computer.  We sat across from each other with our legs wrapped in the quilt I made (you know the one...the only one I've ever made).  Every now and then you'd show me the picture you were drawing or just look up and smile at me.

I watched you draw for a bit, then scooped you up and held you, like I did when you were my only baby.  I told you all about how much I loved sharing our quiet time together and you soaked it all in; Pure bliss.

The witching hour struck around 5 o clock and you and Zekey followed me around the house for a half hour, pawing at me while crying as I tried to get dinner ready. 5 o clock was rough, but it's 3 o clock that's sticking with me...and I think it will for a long time.  I hope those are the moments that stick with you too.

Thanks for all the hours. :)
A picture of us months and months ago when you were sick.  

Monday, October 14, 2013

Letter to Isaac

Dear Isaac,

I just wanted to tell you what a cute little stinker you are.  At 14 months you're becoming much less of a zombie walker, and more of a real boy.  :)  I call you my bulldog that thinks he's a Chihuahua.  You're such a big boy now, but you think you're still a tiny babe and you try to curl your whole body across my chest just as you did when you were first born.  You're also my little crab because you like to pinch things when you get tired.  That "thing" is usually me, but lately I can tell you're getting tired when you start walking around pinching your own neck.  :)  I love that you're still my cuddle bug and you're a definite Momma's boy, however Daddy is finding a place in your heart as well.  You even have moments of choosing him over me!  Shocking...I know. :)
You still love to be swaddled and you LOVE to sit with your books or have Mommy read them to you.  If brother is watching a show on Daddy's phone you like to have your head front and center.  The 5 words you know are

You love to pretend you're on the phone and you love making car and plane noising when playing toys with brother.

We love you so much.  Your giant smile brings us so much joy!

Happy 14 months today on the 14th of October!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Boston

Dear Boston,

You turned the big 3 years old today!  What a big boy you are. That happened way too fast for my liking.  We had a great time celebrating your birthday today.  We've been talking for weeks about your birthday and all the things we'll do to celebrate.  You seem to remember mostly talk about planes (for the airplane party we will be having) and cupcakes.

The morning started off normal with you crawling into our bed, bright and early to catch a little more sleep and slowly start your day.  Once you did wake up the first words out of your mouth were, "It's my birthday!".  We cuddled for awhile in bed (all 4 of us) and you and Zekey drank your morning milk.  Then we headed downstairs (you in Daddy's arms) while singing you Happy Birthday.  The family room was filled with balloons and in the center of balloons were 3 presents wrapped in lightening Mcqueen paper. We opened presents which were 50 matchbox cars, a lightening MCQueen Mac Truck and a bubble machine, then we had breakfast.  You sat on the counter as you watched me flip pancakes on the griddle.  I loaded up your special red birthday plate with a couple buttery syrupy pancakes and you ate them right up.  Daddy ate with us then headed off to work.  After breakfast we played cars for a bit, then headed upstairs to get showered and ready for the day.

We spent the rest of the morning playing in the front yard with your new bubble machine.  You and Zekey got a kick out of it.  At noon we headed off to a Trampoline house in Kennewick. On the way there we even spotted a train crusining on by...a special birthday train we called it.   You had so much fun at the trampoline house (while our buddies Charlie and Gavin were there) but after they left you seemed pretty tired and asked if we could just sit on the stairs.  Our next stop was the grocery store for you to pick out the cupcake of your little heart's desires.  We were tuckered out from a busy morning of jumping, so we ate lunch on the couch, cuddled up, while watching Jake and the Neverland pirates.  I then put you and Zekey down for naps and when you woke up Daddy was home from work.  We all cuddled up in bed (for the 2nd time today) and sang happy birthday a couple more times...which by the way,you always sing with us.

There was only one present left to give you and since Daddy was fighting the sickies I had you cuddle up to him in bed and brought the present up to you.  It was your first bike.  Black with red handles and a star on the seat. You love it.  We took it outside and you learned how to pedal! Daddy watched (wishing he had the energy to be with us) from the bedroom window and cheered you on with thumbs ups and waves. After a little we came inside and you asked to swiffer the house (your new favorite thing) for the umpteenth time today while I made dinner.  While dinner was baking you, me and Zekey had a mini dance party and Daddy watched from the sidelines.  The final touch to the day was your mint green cupcake, complete with 3 big boy candles (pink, yellow and white...selected by you).
We sang Happy Birthday for the final time and you blew out your candles.

All day long I felt so grateful for you.  I'm so grateful that you are mine.  I'm in awe that Heavenly Father sent you to me.  How did Daddy and I get so lucky?  I realize how much Heavenly Father must love all of us, when I think of how much I love you, because there isn't a thing I would change about you.  You're one of my most favorite people.  I love you for exactly who you are and I wouldn't change a thing. I'm a very blessed Momma.

Ok, so in honor of your 3rd birthday I will tell you 3 things I love about you.

1.  I love that you're empathetic.  You care when other's (especially family) are sad and you want to make it better.
2.  I love that you love a good dance party.  If I start dancing, you never fail to join me.
3.  I love how forgiving you are.  What a great quality.  You often are telling me, "Oh that's ok Mom".

I love you to the moon and back darling boy.  It's been so exciting adventuring with you for the last 3 years and every year I spend with you I think, "this is my favorite".  They've all been so good.  So sweet.