Friday, April 27, 2012

To my Boys

Dear Boston (Boss) and Isaac (Zeke),

Don't worry, you boys will still get your individual letters but today I just wanted to write you both a little note of some random but important things I want you to always remember.

I love your Dad more than anything.  He is my rock and my very best friend.  Him and I are a team and I will always support and love him.

You will both have your own unique personalities and interests, but when it comes to the really important things, do your best to follow Dad's example.  You can't go wrong.

I love being a Mom and specifically being your Mom.

I've never been more passionate or more in love with anything in my whole life than Motherhood.

My life is not perfect.  I'm not a perfect Mom, I'm not a perfect wife, I don't have perfect kids (although sometimes I think I do) but I have THE perfect life for me.  It is beautiful with all of its ups and downs and the trials I go through are the exact right trials for me.

I'm thankful for my trials.

We lucked out (you two, me and Dad) I'm pretty sure we've scored the best family around.

We are so lucky to have been born into the Gospel.  It's the number one blessing in each of our lives, even more than each other.

I am a very happy person and I think that's more about the choices I make to be happy, than the natural state of my being.  So choose to be happy and if that doesn't come easy, keep searching, keep working, it will come.

Think about girls and women respectfully and treat them that way.

Whatever you're interested in learning about, pursue it with a passion.

Go on missions.  Remember this is coming from the woman that would much prefer you both to never leave my sight, let alone leave me for 2 years with very little contact.  So if I'm saying go, then you have to know it's because I believe it will determine and change not only the lives of many others, but the entire rest of your lives as well.  A day doesn't go by that your Dad doesn't mention some learning experience from his mission, it shaped him into the man he is.  Go on missions.

Pray.  Pray when you're happy, sad, confused, doubting, angry or hurt.  And when you really don't want to pray, that's when you pray your hardest.

Treat your Grandparents with the highest respect.  Be soft with them, be kind to them.  Always ask how you can help them and most of all talk with them.  They know more about life than any of your siblings or friends and even your parents so learn all you can from them, I promise you'll never regret it.

Be involved.  When it comes to the things you love or that are important to you, be involved.  These things might be church, your family, relationships, school, sports, music, art, friends and the list could go on.

Work hard.  Not much is worth your time if it didn't or doesn't require some hard work to achieve.

Love the Temple and when you're at the right age, visit it often.  It's unlike any other place on this earth and the more you go, the more you'll understand about Heavenly Father's plan for you.

Develop a close relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  There are lots of ways to do this but start by praying and listening, studying your scriptures, and showing kindness and love to those around you.

Listen to good music.  It will have a huge affect on your life.

Read, read, read.   As your Momma I'm already working to help you boys develop a love of reading and I'm hoping it will stick.  Being avid readers will open up lots of doors for you, I promise.

Learn to play an instrument.

Put your family first and someday when I'm not the main girl in your life (tear) and you get married to someone you love, and maybe you have some children of your own, then you put that family first, even above me and Dad and your siblings.  Although make sure you still call and visit often. :)

Lastly, remember that you are both good boys.  Such good boys.  Sometimes little boys (especially energetic little boys) have a hard time sitting still or obeying rules, but this doesn't make you naughty.  All that energy is a really, really good thing and I will keep working with you to figure out the right ways to use that energy. That might involve some time outs and tears, but just know that your Momma knows what good boys you are.  You'll make some poor choices as young men, and missionaries and as husbands and dads and even as old men, but just remember that you are good boys and your Momma and Daddy will always love you.



Monday, April 16, 2012

Seeing what you see

Dear Boston,

Tonight was a funny night for us.  Daddy was still at work and I was busy whipping up a fabulous dinner (truly it was fabulous, Daddy scored it a 10!)  and you were busy climbing on the kitchen counter, while I'm attempting not to burn all our food.  I had to pull you off the counter at least 20 times but wasn't able to put you in time out because I didn't want to burn the food. I was getting very frustrated with this little cat and mouse game, not to mention a fly was whisking by me every 3 seconds, stirring up even more frustration.
I was so frustrated I called Daddy and told him to "get home faster, because I can not cook with Boston!"

After your gazillionth time of climbing on the counter, I was about to lose it.  I probably was going to yell and whip you off that counter and march you straight up to your room...burnt food or not, but at that moment you noticed the fly.  You were awestruck.  You could not believe your eyes.  You jumped up and down (while still on the counter...good thing you're not great at jumping yet) and pointed wildly at your friend, the fly.  I wanted to discipline you and get mad, but you were just so dang excited, I couldn't help but watch.  You looked repeatedly from my face, back to the fly, back to me and in your babbling you were saying,  "Mom!  Are you seeing this?!!!  What is this awesome tiny creature?!  I love him!"  So instead of scolding you, I chose to tell you the name of this marvel.  "That's called a fly Boston.  FFF FFF Fly."  You got the biggest smile I've ever seen on your face.  "This awesomeness has a name!!!"  "FFF!  FFFFF! FFFF!"  You repeated over and over pointing and laughing your deep belly laugh that makes your cheeks get red and your eyes bug out.  I started laughing too and swatting at the fly as it got near me.  You laughed even harder and imitated me.

I finally had the sense, to pull you off the counter and you chased the fly laughing and swatting away.  When Daddy got home (to his surprise)  you and I were laughing our heads off.   The first thing you said to him was, "FFF!  FFF!"  I explained what you had discovered and Daddy picked you up and the two of you chased that poor fly all over the house.  It made my whole night watching you laugh that long and hard.

When It was time for bed, we finished family prayer and I began to rock you to sleep.  Just as Daddy was walking out of the room, you cocked your head back to see him and said, "FFF.  FFFF".  I think you were trying to say, "Hey Dad, remember how cool it was when we chased that fly around?  Ya...good times Dad, good times".

Boss you make our simple little world the coolest, funniest, grandest adventure we could ever be apart of!  I love viewing our life from your perspective.

I love you Sweetpea



PS  Rest in peace Mr. Fly...Daddy eventually caught up with you.  I'm sure we'll meet a distant cousin of yours soon.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Dear Boston and Isaac,

I am so excited for the two of you to meet face to face in just a few months.  I can't wait to see how you two interact together and I'm excited to watch your brotherhood bond and friendship grow.  I hope you always look to each other as best friends.  I'm excited to have our little family of 4 and share in so many memories together.  I'm excited for afternoons at home with my two boys, playing, wrestling, reading and laughing.  Hopefully the whole, "sharing Mommy" thing won't be too rough on you guys.

Right now I think of these last few months as my last moments for Boston to have me all to himself, but the other night I realized that he doesn't have me all to himself, because you Isaac are already very much apart of our little family.

Boston, you were having a really hard night a few nights back.  You were sick and couldn't sleep unless I cuddled you tight.  After getting up multiple times to rock you in my arms, I became exhausted and brought you to bed with me.  I laid you on my chest and sang you your set of lullabies.  Soon, your crying stopped and you were cooing and drifting happily off to sleep.

Isaac, as your brother was falling asleep to my lullabies I started to feel you kick and wiggle and twist and turn.  In that moment It hit me that I was singing to both my boys and that both of you could hear me.  I bet you love when I sing to Boston or talk to him softly because you get to hear all of that.  I also realized that as much as you're getting to know mine and Daddy's voices, you're also getting to know your brother!  You probably recognize all of his cries, growls, laughs and coos.  You guys spend a lot of time pressed up against each other while hanging out with Momma.

I kind of love that.

I love both you boys so much and can't wait to hold you both in my arms.


PS I'll have to come up with a new set of lullabies that are special just for you Isaac.