Sunday, May 22, 2011

Big Kids

Dear Boston,

Tonight you received your first significant bonk on the head.  You have been an official crawler for 4 days now and already you have found plenty of things to bonk your head on.  I feel a little guilty for the bonk you received tonight.  Daddy and I were playing with you and your toys and we were all having a great time.  Then Daddy and I got wrapped up in a mini game of basketball (one person holds their hands out like a hoop and the other person tries to swish the ball).  Daddy was beating me big time and I REALLY wanted to win, so I was focused on our little game.  Well if I wasn't such a kid and more of an adult I would have noticed my sweet child crawling his way toward the tv stand, but I didn't see until it was too late.  I knew you were about to bonk and I already started running for you.  You have a little Goose egg (sad)  but I think you will be alright.

Consider this fair warning Boss.  Dad and I are a couple of kids and probably always will be.  At times this will serve you well, and other times you just might....well, bonk your head.  Sorry Pal.

We love you.  We love you.


PS  Oh and let it be known your first word is "Momma".  That's right!  I'm not positive you know exactly what it means yet, but you sure do love to say it!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The books you love

Dear Boston,

you are now 7 1/2 months old.  You roll over, get up on your knees, sing, laugh, shout, play, and eat from a spoon.  You love to play silly games with Daddy and I and you love playing on your special quilt from Nana.  Some days I plop you on the quilt with two of your toy boxes and watch you dig through them, pulling out toys from one box, and placing them in the other.  Other times I plop you on your blanket, surrounded by all of your books.  You love your books.  You love to look at the pictures, have them read to you, and taste them (as evidenced by the rough edges), but that's what board books are for right?  Grandma Tresa has bought you most of your board books and you sure do love them.  I am crazy about board books too because I want you to be able to get your hands on them, feel them, taste them, whatever you want, just to start out your love of books.  You also love when Daddy or I read to you.  You have some special favorites, so I will list them out.

You love your Wheels on the bus book.  It has a musical button on it and you love to eat the button or try to press it.  You get a big smile on your face when I sing this book to you.  This book is a big board book so you like to stare at each of the stuffed animals on the bus.

Your Dr. Seuss board books are a big favorite with you.  We like to lay on our backs, while I read these books to you.  Your personal favorites are Big Dog, Little Dog, There's a Wocket in my pocket (this is my fav. too)  and Ten Apples up on Top.

We love reading, Are you my mother?  By P.D. Eastman.

We read the scriptures everyday, but we also read the portugese children's Book of Mormon.  You love this book, but because it's very special, and not a board book I can't let you get your little hands on it.

Another very special book you are constantly trying to get your hands on is, Goodnight Moon. This book is very old, and it's the same copy that my Momma read to me when I was a baby.  This book is so calming to you (and me) and we read it before every nap and bedtime.

If you have the patience for it, we also read you the first book that Daddy and I bought for you called, On the Night you were born.  This book is so sweet and I have it memorized cover to cover.  So whenever you are upset, even if I don't have the book on hand, I start saying the words to the book and you get a HUGE smile on your face.

You also love your Hippo's Go Berserk book from Aunt Natalie.

The book I used to read to you every single day is, The Napping House, but I have that book memorized too, and I got a little sick of it, so we have retired it for a couple weeks.  :)

I also have 4 mini Beatrix Potter books from when I was little that are board books and we bring them to church every Sunday and you seem to enjoy them.

Your very favorite book to chew on is a book with all rubber pages.

Well, I think we covered most of your favorites.  I will try and update our new favorites as time goes on.

Your favorite songs have remained the same from the beginning,

To Make you Feel my love,  I will Love you (not the Whitney song), and Fix you.

When we are being silly you have a lot of fun with, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Daddy's Greasy grimy song, and I'm your Buckaroo.