Sunday, May 22, 2011

Big Kids

Dear Boston,

Tonight you received your first significant bonk on the head.  You have been an official crawler for 4 days now and already you have found plenty of things to bonk your head on.  I feel a little guilty for the bonk you received tonight.  Daddy and I were playing with you and your toys and we were all having a great time.  Then Daddy and I got wrapped up in a mini game of basketball (one person holds their hands out like a hoop and the other person tries to swish the ball).  Daddy was beating me big time and I REALLY wanted to win, so I was focused on our little game.  Well if I wasn't such a kid and more of an adult I would have noticed my sweet child crawling his way toward the tv stand, but I didn't see until it was too late.  I knew you were about to bonk and I already started running for you.  You have a little Goose egg (sad)  but I think you will be alright.

Consider this fair warning Boss.  Dad and I are a couple of kids and probably always will be.  At times this will serve you well, and other times you just might....well, bonk your head.  Sorry Pal.

We love you.  We love you.


PS  Oh and let it be known your first word is "Momma".  That's right!  I'm not positive you know exactly what it means yet, but you sure do love to say it!

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