Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Becoming a brother

Dear Boston,

Life has changed quite a bit for you in the last two weeks.  I spent my first 2 nights in a row away from you, while your baby brother was born.  When Daddy and I got home, we brought a baby with us that to your surprise is here to stay.  It was tough adjusting to having less one on one time with Mommy and Daddy for the first week, but things are feeling back to normal now. 

While we were in the hospital you visited us twice a day and got some practice in holding brother.  Grandma took good care of you while me and Daddy were gone and Daddy even came home one night from the hospital to tuck you in bed.  The first thing you did when me, Daddy and Zeke came in the door was sit on the couch and hold baby brother.  You helped him suck on his binky and gave him lots of beijos and pats.  You already are such a sweet brother.  Isaac had a rough day at the Drs. and you were extra sweet to him all day.  When he cried you would run for his binky and try to give it to him.  You also talked extra soft and sweet to him, with lots of soft pats and beijos.  I think you knew he was having a rough day and you were very concerned about him.  :)

Momma's still figuring out how to get in enough time with both her boys, but we're off to a good start.  I spend all night with Isaac, because he has to eat a lot and again because of nursing we spend a lot of cuddling time during the day.  To make sure I get enough time with you, we do our devotional/learning time together every day and you and I go on a walk all by ourselves. I love our walks together.  Your favorite thing to do on these walks is find sprinklers that hit the sidewalk and go stand in the water.  :)  When you spot a sprinkler you shout "water!" and we run toward it.  We also go on dates to visit Daddy at work, just you and me and whenever I run an errand I bring you with me.  I take a nap during your nap time and so does Isaac.  You and I have had so much fun spending every second together for the last 2 years, but now that we have another buddy to play with I think we'll have even more fun! 

The moment Isaac was born, you instantly seemed so much bigger and older.  Being a big brother will be a big part of who you are and I can't wait to watch you grow and learn in this new exciting roll.  I can't believe my baby Boston is now my oldest child.  Isaac is one lucky kid to have you as a big brother. 

I love you Buddy.



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