Friday, March 6, 2015

Blessing day: Rowan Adele

Dear Rowan,

March 1st was a special day for you.  It was a day filled with love and joy.  I found you a dress that felt so very you.  Beautiful, timeless and so very sweet.  You wore your signature purple polish on your toesies and a precious bow made by a dear friend in your hair.

You were bathed on Sunday morning with all the love and care of a strong Daddy.  I dressed you and nursed you.  Boston held you at church while you waited to be blessed.  You and sister were showered with kisses and hugs from your adoring brothers.  Daddy stood in a circle with dear friends, and your Papa and Uncles.  You quietly listened as Daddy gave you a beautiful blessing.

Blessed with obedience and the courage to stand up for what is right when challenged.
Blessed to be best friends with your sister.
Blessed to be a force for good in the World along with your siblings.

You were blessed with things that felt so perfectly you.  Even from the womb you've been blessed with a peaceful spirit and I think this will be a great strength to your sister and our family.

 Nana recorded your blessings and discovered that you were both blessed with exactly 19 individual blessings.  A testament of Heavenly Father's perfect love for you and your sister.

We love you, our tender little girl.

Momma and Daddy

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