Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Best times of your life...

Right after I delivered you
Cuddling after a few nights of no sleep.
Sleeping with Daddy in the middle of the night.
Sleeping on Daddy your second night home.
Right about this moment Daddy said to me, "I was meant to be a dad".
Another tired and wonderful middle of the night feeding.
Our sweet baby on your first night home.
Dear Boston,

I wanted to tell you about our first couple nights home with you. They were the best and hardest of my life. I came home from the hospital very tired and had not slept for two days. Once we were home I still could not sleep for a couple days because I was having some weird but major anxiety, and every time I would lay down I would hear and feel a huge pounding in my head and my heart. So, for another couple days I couldn't sleep at all. This, plus normal recovery from labor made your first days home with us some of the hardest of my life. Thankfully you were and are an angel baby (seriously, I looked it up in Baby Whisperer, took the quiz, and you are in fact an Angel baby). You slept great, hardly cried, and were full of extra cuteness. For these reasons, these days were the best of my life, beyond comparison. I was talking to Aunt Kaz about the experience of entering parenthood and to sum it up I said this,

"We are dead tired, beyond what we have ever felt. we're miserable from a lack of sleep (and anything else that may be going on), I don't know how my body is still functioning because I am so trashed, but all night long we are taking pictures, because we don't want to miss a moment of it".

I think this is a good lesson for life Bosty. Some of life's best experiences (your mission, college, parenting) are the hardest and you don't want to let them pass you by, because amidst all of the hard is so much good. So make sure you take moments to look around you and count your blessings in the good times and the bad, because you just might find that the very best times are smack in the middle of the hardest.

PS You were my best medicine during those first really hard days. :)
PSS One day when you have a wife, and you two have your first baby, ask Daddy for some pointers on how to be supportive of your wife, because he has got that down... and if all else fails just hug and kiss your wife and tell her all will be ok...that worked wonders for me. :)



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  1. I love that you are doing this!! Both times when I have read these, its made me cry, maybe because babies are so wonderful but so hard sometimes and I wish I had done something like this if only to remember everything because after awhile you dont remember even if you think you will. The few things I wrote down with Avery I look back and say oh yeah I remember that now, how adorable!! So keep us this awesome blog, tell your husband how much you adore him everyday and how lucky you are, some of are only too blessed to have great husbands and fathers to our kids!! I love you Jilly and someday I hope I can meet Boston, he is so precious!! Love Jenni