Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just you and me

Dear Boston,

Today was our third day alone just you and me, doing our new baby/new mom thing. Neither of us (including Daddy) got much sleep last night, but by the time Daddy was ready to leave for work he just couldn't resist pulling you out of bed (after you had finally fallen asleep) to cuddle you a bit. Once you were out of bed I couldn't resist you either, so we just laid in bed and I held you while I read scriptures and a book. Later today we got all ready (I showered, did my make up, and even straightened my hair...big deal for mom these days) and brought Halloween cupcakes to Dad and all his co-workers. They are all obsessed with you. Daddy works with mostly women and they all can't wait to get their hands on you... but for now they are just content to stare. Even a guy that Daddy works with said you were the cutest little boy, and he is scared of babies normally but you were so dang cute he wanted to hold you.

Daddy just had to pull you out of your car seat to give you hugs and kisses. Then he strapped you back in and you and I headed out for a walk in your awesome stroller (you can thank Daddy for that one) across Gonzaga campus. It was a beautiful fall day and campus is filled with gorgeous trees and their leaves are all changing color. We came home after our walk and I planned on cleaning, but instead I just curled up with you on the couch. I had to leave you for awhile tonight to go visit teach, but when I came home I could see that Daddy had taken good care of you. He had you changed, fed, and swaddled up all cozy like only Daddy can. Not only that but he had a yummy dinner all ready for me too. Take notes Bosty...your dad has this husband thing down. Daddy and I cuddled for awhile while you swung away in your swing, but after awhile we missed you and pulled you into bed with us and the 3 of us just cuddled, talked, kissed and relaxed. I had my head on Daddy's stomach and you were laid across my chest, while you held Daddy's hand.

Now you are sleeping in my lap while I write this post (I have gotten pretty talented at multitasking with you). Today was a truly wonderful day. In fact I LOVED everything about today. Not much gets done these days and I don't always feel quite like myself and I'm always exhausted, but I haven't missed one opportunity to cuddle with you, and Daddy and spend my days learning every little thing about you. Years down the road, I don't think I will look back and regret one moment of skipping out on the dishes to spend time with you and Dad... we will get there, but not today. :)



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