Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Silly Momma, happy baby

Dear Boston,

Dad is the one around here that gets all of your really good laughs, and he does it without hardly trying.  I however have to go to great lengths to get a laugh out of you.  Here is a list of some of the things I do to make you laugh.

I dance around the house, tossing my head from side to side singing/chanting "Bostybear!  Bostybear!"  over and over and over.

I lean over you and let you pull on my hair so hard that I feel like it will rip off my scalp (I get some really good laughs off of that one).

I sing over and over, "diarrhea poopoo! Diarrhea poopoo!".  I know that is awful, but I said it one time (you can guess why) and you just about died laughing, so I tried it again and again and it works like a charm every time.  Boys will boys.

I let you grip my face with both little hands as tight as you can, and pull me in for a big, open mouth slobber on the cheek.

I sing the same songs over and over and over just to get a little chuckle from you.

I stick my hand over the car seat while we are driving, so that you can grab it and pull as hard as you can.  It hurts a little and gets tiring but you laugh SO hard I can't resist.

As I am writing this list I am noticing quite a few of these things I do to make you laugh involve varying amounts of pain to me!  Now I will share with you what Daddy does.

He smiles at you.  You laugh.
He sits you on his shoulders and says, "get down from up there".  You laugh.
He tickles you.  You laugh.
He spanks your bum and says, "naughty boy".  You laugh.
He kisses you.  You laugh.
He changes your diaper. You laugh.

Are you seeing a pattern here Turkey?  Can't you give a girl a break?  Dad and I had a contest the other day to see how long it would take to get you to laugh.  For Dad it was 15 seconds.  Me?  A minute and a half! However, when you are upset, I am the one that can calm you down INSTANTLY!  I'll take it.  :)



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