Thursday, June 23, 2011


Dear Boston,
I am currently rocking you in one arm while typing with the other.  I wanted to share my latest journal entry with you. Here it is,

Thursday June 23rd, 2011
7 am (cozy in bed)

Boston is 9 months old and is presently experiencing croup for the first time. Poor baby. He is sleeping sweetly in his crib next to me right now. The wind is blowing the curtains open and a cool breeze is filling the room after a long hot night. The sound of the humidifier is keeping us company, thankfully sans coughing attacks. For now, Boston sleeps peacefully. We had a long worried filled night. I watched Boston toss and turn all night in between one coughing fit after the other. He tangled himself in his blanket as he tossed and turned all night. With every turn a little more of his chubby thighs were exposed. I replaced his blanket back over his sweet little body all through the night, taking care to not wake him. Boston was in constant search of a comfortable sleeping position and when he couldn't find one, he would sit up, try to orient himself and then toss his head back down, bum in the air, in total exhaustion. When his coughing fits got really bad I picked him up and held him, while patting his back until they subsided. We stood and sweat together in a hot steamy bathroom trying to clear his airways. I nursed Boston multiple times throughout the night and these moments were the few that he seemed totally at peace and relaxed. I cried a little. Observed a lot and prayed all night long. Countless times I reached over to touch his little chest to see if he was breathing ok. I picked him up to rock him and lay him back down many hours throughout the night. It was a long worry filled night and all I could think, was how much I love this baby.

He is my world. I want nothing but the very best for him and there is nothing I wouldn't do for him. He is such a sweet sweet baby and hardly cries. He hardly even makes a fuss. He just looks up at me for comfort and twirls my hair in his fingers as I sing him his favorite songs. Boston loves and adores me and I unconditionally love him. He is everything to Dane and I. He's the first thing we think about when we wake up and the last thing we talk about when we go to bed. I pray that his health will return soon. I know Heavenly Father is looking out for him and for all of us.

i just love this nakey picture of you...don't worry i'll delete it from here before you're old enough to get mad at me about it
I am so tired, but so grateful that I get to be the one serving this little boy. He is an angel and it is an honor to be his Momma. I am so grateful that the Lord has entrusted this sweet spirit to my care and I will do everything I can to care for and love and nourish this little boy.


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