Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Growing up so fast

You and your buddy Owen
Dear Boston,

You are growing up WAY too fast.  As excited as I am to watch you grow and change I am quickly realizing that you won't be my chubby baby boy for much longer!  You are learning new things daily.  At 8 months old you said your first word, "Momma".  Then around 8 1/2 months you said your second word, "Bob".  haha!   Daddy and I laughed and laughed the first time we heard that.  I'm not sure who Bob is, but you sure like saying his name.  :) 

I was reading a book yesterday but I had to pause because I couldn't take my eyes off you.  You were so cute trying to figure our your toys.  Your motto these days is, "Go and do".  Your hands and feet are always busy.  You still love to be silly with me and Dad, but you are not much of a cuddler.  Your naps are going so much better these days and you and I love to cuddle up in the rocking chair and read Goodnight moon together.  You are standing up all on your own for long periods of time and you love to cruise along pieces of furniture to get to mom or Dad. 

My favorite new thing of yours is this silly face you make whenever you are hungry.  It looks like you are trying to make a crying face, without actually crying.  It is so funny and so cute.

We love you more every day kiddo!



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