Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The art of the tantrum

Dear Boston,

You have discovered the tantrum and my do you have a talent for it.  I'm actually kind of proud of you, I was pegging you for a softie.  I don't know when you developed these new temper tantrum skills, but you seem to have your little system down.

The tantrum starts with the face.  You squish your face up into the "crying face".  It starts out as just a face, (no real emotion behind it yet) but soon enough you are able to make the fake crying face turn into the real crying face and out come the tears along with the yell.  You cry/yell and let those crocodile tears flow freely.  However, it's not long before you realize, "this is just not getting the job done".

I introduce, the Humming bird (albeit an angry, loud slightly larger Humming bird).  You flap your arms  a million miles a minute as hard as you can.  Again, to your dismay this still is not getting the job done. This is when you decide you just may need to swat something and that something is Momma...almost always her foot.  You usually throw a second swat in there, just for good measure.  At this point I begin to laugh (I can't help myself, I'm new to the Tantrum), and you cry harder, but like your Momma you can't help yourself either and you begin to laugh along with me.

We hug, we makeup and just like that we are friends again.

At some point I will do the responsible thing and use some awesome parenting technique on those tantrums that will blow your mind...but for now I think I will just laugh.



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