Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grandma and many others love you

Dear Boston,

You are loved.  Not just by Dad and I, but by so many people.  In particular, Grandma Tresa sure does love you and you love her.  She is here visiting with us and every morning we go down to her room to say good morning.  She jumps out of bed excited to see you and play with you and you go straight to her (or her waterbottle which you also love) and tell her all about your night.  You often give her hugs and big kisses and Grandma just eats those up.

Grandma doesn't always feel the healthiest but when you are around none of that matters.  She runs and jumps and plays and dances with you as much as you want.  This morning was a rough morning for her and she was throwing up and sick in bed.  But as soon as she heard you wake up from your nap, she hopped out of bed and asked if she could take you outside to play.  I'm watching her swing you right now and it brings a tear to my eye.  She doesn't feel well ever and today she feels worse, but she is not only pushing you on your swing, she is pushing you extra high and giving you underdogs.  I can hear you and her talking and I feel so blessed to know that my baby is the recipient of such pure and unconditional love.   Just think how blessed you are Boss!  Not only does this Grandma love you to pieces but so do your Grandpa and Nana and Papa.  Nana and Papa light up every time they get to see you.  They were the first ones to meet you after you were born and Papa gave up Nana for a whole week so that she could come be with us and help us figure out this whole parenting thing.  Nana and Papa plan to drive 4 hours this Saturday to attend your first birthday party just because they love you.  All of these people and many more (including all your Aunt's Uncles, Tia's and Tio's) would do anything for you.

Grandpa (the one that calls you Chicago)
Nana and Papa
Like I said Babe, you are loved. And we all feel so blessed to love on such a sweet, deserving little guy like you.




  1. This brought a tear to my eye AND made me smile :) (This is Ciera Honsey BTW)