Sunday, February 5, 2012

Loving the Ladies

Boston you love girls.  You're a big fan.  You like that they're usually a little bossy, and that they smile and giggle at you.  You like that they're sweet and give nice hugs and beijos.  I'm sure you think they're quite pretty (in fact you seem to gravitate toward pretty girls) but your favorite thing about them is,

ALL THAT HAIR!  You love hair.  You think hair is the most fascinating, wonderful toy ever.  I know I'm the reason you're so fixated with hair.  I ruined you as a baby.  I would let you play with my hair in your face, twist it in your fingers as you nursed or gather it up as you fell asleep, but this was before you had an insane grip.  This was back when I was a young, naive Mom of just a few months (I'm sooo much wiser now...wink, wink).  :)

The other day I unknowingly took you to hair Heaven.  We went to, Jump Sky high! This is a giant gym with floor to ceiling trampolines.  I knew you would have a great time and enjoyed watching you bounce (or mostly just run really fast) from one trampoline floor to the next.  But I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.  The first hour of jumping was great, but the last hour you all the sudden were surrounded not only by trampolines, but little girls with bouncing curls.  The look on your face was priceless and I knew the thoughts going through your head were all about that hair, flowing everywhere!  I watched with a smile as you chased little girls and they giggled running away from you, but secretly I prayed you would never catch them.

I saw your little chubby fingers brush against locks of hair and I sighed with relief as the hair slipped from your finger tips, missing your grasp by mere centimeters. 

You're first victim of the day was a girl who looked about 10.  She made the mistake of laying down on the trampoline, with her blonde waving hair spread out.  You took action.  You grabbed her hair and hung on for dear life.  This had your pregnant Mom racing across the trampolines shouting "uh oh" as I tried to save this poor child.  After a small struggle I freed this little girl and you and I did the long walk (bounce?) of shame back to our bench.  Sadly this little girl was not your last victim.  You found many others.  Some were getting diaper changes, some were naive enough to actually lay down on the trampoline (don't they know attacks from above are so much worse?). 

You and I had lots of apologies to make that day which included a lot of soft hair petting to display your change of heart.  Mommy's apologies didn't involve me petting other Mom's hair, just lots of "I'm so sorries".  All the mommy's seemed to understand and surprisingly most people still thought you were quite cute in all your hair pulling, giant smile, run/bouncing glory. 



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