Saturday, January 7, 2012

Super Boston

Dear Superbaby/almosttoddlergettingtoooldtoofastwithoutyourmother'spermission,

You are quite the little Superhero around these parts.  You constantly wear your snuggie (as you know that's the name we have for your blanky) tied around your neck (courtesy of Dad) like a cape.  The snuggy?  Not so manly, but the cape?  You're straight up Superhero kid. 

This just strikes me as so toddler and not baby at all.  Where did your baby days go?  Have you left them permanently behind you?  It's a blessing we're getting a new baby soon.  You'll have someone to practice your big bro.  skills on and I'll have someone to cuddle and rock again, while still getting to enjoy all of your big boy moments.

Every now and then you let me get in a couple baby moments with you.  Like this morning, we rocked for 45 minutes in the chair just singing and laughing, with you touching my face and kissing and cuddling.  Those 45 minutes go down as some of my favorite ever with you.

The bonus to you getting older is that you're starting to grasp time outs.  Or I guess I should say they're starting to be more effective.  Now after a time out I walk you out of your room and most times you will go with me up to (the chair, counter, tv, computer...whatever it was you were climbing on) and point and say, "uh oh" and most the time, you don't do it again!  Woohoo, progress.  :) 

I love you, you crazy Super boy. 



PS  You can often be found wearing your Cape while sweeping the kitchen with your new broom.  Now that's my kind of Superhero!

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