Friday, April 13, 2012


Dear Boston and Isaac,

I am so excited for the two of you to meet face to face in just a few months.  I can't wait to see how you two interact together and I'm excited to watch your brotherhood bond and friendship grow.  I hope you always look to each other as best friends.  I'm excited to have our little family of 4 and share in so many memories together.  I'm excited for afternoons at home with my two boys, playing, wrestling, reading and laughing.  Hopefully the whole, "sharing Mommy" thing won't be too rough on you guys.

Right now I think of these last few months as my last moments for Boston to have me all to himself, but the other night I realized that he doesn't have me all to himself, because you Isaac are already very much apart of our little family.

Boston, you were having a really hard night a few nights back.  You were sick and couldn't sleep unless I cuddled you tight.  After getting up multiple times to rock you in my arms, I became exhausted and brought you to bed with me.  I laid you on my chest and sang you your set of lullabies.  Soon, your crying stopped and you were cooing and drifting happily off to sleep.

Isaac, as your brother was falling asleep to my lullabies I started to feel you kick and wiggle and twist and turn.  In that moment It hit me that I was singing to both my boys and that both of you could hear me.  I bet you love when I sing to Boston or talk to him softly because you get to hear all of that.  I also realized that as much as you're getting to know mine and Daddy's voices, you're also getting to know your brother!  You probably recognize all of his cries, growls, laughs and coos.  You guys spend a lot of time pressed up against each other while hanging out with Momma.

I kind of love that.

I love both you boys so much and can't wait to hold you both in my arms.


PS I'll have to come up with a new set of lullabies that are special just for you Isaac.

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