Monday, April 16, 2012

Seeing what you see

Dear Boston,

Tonight was a funny night for us.  Daddy was still at work and I was busy whipping up a fabulous dinner (truly it was fabulous, Daddy scored it a 10!)  and you were busy climbing on the kitchen counter, while I'm attempting not to burn all our food.  I had to pull you off the counter at least 20 times but wasn't able to put you in time out because I didn't want to burn the food. I was getting very frustrated with this little cat and mouse game, not to mention a fly was whisking by me every 3 seconds, stirring up even more frustration.
I was so frustrated I called Daddy and told him to "get home faster, because I can not cook with Boston!"

After your gazillionth time of climbing on the counter, I was about to lose it.  I probably was going to yell and whip you off that counter and march you straight up to your room...burnt food or not, but at that moment you noticed the fly.  You were awestruck.  You could not believe your eyes.  You jumped up and down (while still on the counter...good thing you're not great at jumping yet) and pointed wildly at your friend, the fly.  I wanted to discipline you and get mad, but you were just so dang excited, I couldn't help but watch.  You looked repeatedly from my face, back to the fly, back to me and in your babbling you were saying,  "Mom!  Are you seeing this?!!!  What is this awesome tiny creature?!  I love him!"  So instead of scolding you, I chose to tell you the name of this marvel.  "That's called a fly Boston.  FFF FFF Fly."  You got the biggest smile I've ever seen on your face.  "This awesomeness has a name!!!"  "FFF!  FFFFF! FFFF!"  You repeated over and over pointing and laughing your deep belly laugh that makes your cheeks get red and your eyes bug out.  I started laughing too and swatting at the fly as it got near me.  You laughed even harder and imitated me.

I finally had the sense, to pull you off the counter and you chased the fly laughing and swatting away.  When Daddy got home (to his surprise)  you and I were laughing our heads off.   The first thing you said to him was, "FFF!  FFF!"  I explained what you had discovered and Daddy picked you up and the two of you chased that poor fly all over the house.  It made my whole night watching you laugh that long and hard.

When It was time for bed, we finished family prayer and I began to rock you to sleep.  Just as Daddy was walking out of the room, you cocked your head back to see him and said, "FFF.  FFFF".  I think you were trying to say, "Hey Dad, remember how cool it was when we chased that fly around?  Ya...good times Dad, good times".

Boss you make our simple little world the coolest, funniest, grandest adventure we could ever be apart of!  I love viewing our life from your perspective.

I love you Sweetpea



PS  Rest in peace Mr. Fly...Daddy eventually caught up with you.  I'm sure we'll meet a distant cousin of yours soon.

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