Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bros before....Moms?

Dear Boston,

I have a confession and I'm not proud of it.  I was a little manipulative tonight and tried to create a wedge (albeit a small wedge) between you and your Dad.  You see you're SUCH a Daddy fan and he gets your very best smiles, hugs, cheers and excitement, so naturally when an opportunity comes my way to weasel my way in to "rock star status" I'm gonna act on it.  Right?  OK, it might not be right, but it's what I did.

Here's how it all went down,

Daddy was sharing his treat with you but before you could wrap your little mouth around that treat one more time, Daddy had gobbled the whole thing up!  Maybe some days he could get away with that, but not today.  You cried and cried and sat looking angrily at Daddy while loudly screaming your disapproval, but Daddy didn't budge.  So you turned to me... and I saw my chance to squeeze in and be the favorite, even if it was only for the night.  I scooped you up in my arms and we both stared at Daddy in disapproval and vented about how "oh so mean" he was.  I snuggled you and told you all about how I would never do that to you (I'm sorry, that was a lie) and we cried it out together.

I thought I had you, until Daddy deciding he'd seen enough of this I suppose pathetic display said "Boston come here" with no effort in his voice at all.  And what did you do?  In an instant of absolute forgiveness you reached both arms out to your Daddy, forgetting that HE was the one who so ruthlessly ate the LAST BITE of your shared treat, and laid your head on his shoulder and finished crying it out with him.  You didn't even look back once, not even a nod of "thanks for trying Mom".  Then to rub salt in the wound you curled up in Daddy's arms and fell asleep.

I suppose this is my letter to say I've resigned myself to being the absolute very best, most awesomest amazingist to Daddy.

Hey I'll take it.



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