Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tubes and Adenoids

Dear Boston,

Yesterday you got your adenoids taken out and tubes put in both ears.  These are both pretty simple procedures but they had to put you under general anesthesia for them.  Mommy was really nervous about you going under, but lots of friends and family were praying for you.  As big as you're getting and as old as you seem, any time I thought of you in surgery (albeit "mini" surgery) you just seemed like a tiny, tiny baby.  Daddy wasn't so nervous.  He knew you would be just fine.

So yesterday we woke you up early and brought you to the surgery center. You were in a very happy mood, but not as happy as when the nurse gave you some "happy medicine" to calm your little nerves and make you a little sleepy.  We put you in a mini yellow gown with your little diaper bum hanging out the back.  :)  The nurses told us you might get silly on the medicine and you certainly did.  You were a total goof ball and for about an hour before surgery you laid on the bed with Momma laughing and saying, "Hi, hi, hello, hi, hi, hi, DAAADDDDY!!! Hi, hi hi, hi Daddy!!" while waving at me or Daddy.  It was pretty funny.  When it was time to take you back to the operating room, Daddy and I had to hand you off to a nurse.  You gave us big hugs and then went right to the nurse who let you press the button to open the OR doors (this made Mommy extra like her).  You didn't cry at all and they said you would be out within a couple minutes of being in the OR.

Daddy and I waited in the waiting room patiently not too worried.  The receptionist told us about 10 minutes in that they decided they would in fact be taking out your adenoids which would make the procedure a bit longer.  So we waited another 15 minutes and the Dr. walked out to tell us everything went great.  Your adenoids were huge and filled with green gunk.  Poor kid.  We asked him if that was why you always have stinky breathe and he said yes.  And to think we just thought you were our stinky little boy.  :)  The Dr. said the nurses would come out in about 10 minutes once you were awake from the anesthesia.  Well 10 minutes came and went and Mommy started to get really antsy.  Daddy tried to keep me calm by talking to me about the Bachelorette and other things I'm interested in, but I couldn't be distracted.  I just kept tapping my foot and looking at the doors waiting for a nurse to come get us.  After about 35 minutes I went to the receptionist desk and asked if it usually took this long.  About a minute later a nurse came out to get us.  We hurried back and you hadn't even fully woke up.  You were so tiny and out of it, sitting up in a big bed, leaning on a nurse and coughing.  The nurse told me I could climb in bed with you, which she didn't have to tell me twice, I was already on my way. I teared up seeing you and once you realized i was next to you you started to cry and say Mommy over and over.  You saw that your hands were wrapped up (because of the iv) and didn't like that, but within just a couple minutes we were cuddled up and you were snoring away with a little oxygen mask on.  The nurses said you were a bit of a light weight, because they didn't give you much anesthesia but your little body was having a hard time coming out of it.  So we just cuddled for about an hour on the bed while you slowly woke up.

Papa came to check on you and after a little while we started to try to wake you up.  I would talk to you, but you'd just keep snoring away.  Then Daddy came up beside the bed and said, "Bosty, it's Daddy" and your eyes opened up and you looked up at Daddy and said, "Daddy" in a whisper.  Daddy kept talking to you and asked you if you wanted to fly his chopper when we got home and you whispered, "chee cha" and fell back asleep.  Once you did fully wake up you were pretty unhappy and did not like getting your iv taken out.  We got you dressed and drove you home.  Once home you and I cuddled on the couch, drinking almond milk and watching Ella enchanted. Within an hour of being home you were up and running around, playing ball with Grandma as happy as could be.  Your procedure was at 6:45 am so around 1230 Mommy brought you upstairs and we laid down in my bed and took a nice long 3 hour nap.  You've been a happy boy ever since, with the exception on waking up early this morning (4 am) with "ouchies".

After almost 2 years of watching you be sick more often than you were healthy, we look forward to a new little boy.  Hopefully you will be much healthier from here on out!  Last night Mommy was driving home from Yoga and I turned off the music and said a prayer of gratitude that everything went so well and I thanked the Lord for giving us you.  We love you so much.



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