Monday, October 22, 2012

Quiet, happy mornings

Dear boys,

Daddy woke up first this morning.  He quietly hopped in the shower and I gave in to the sounds of you (Isaac) grunting.  We nursed, we read, we cuddled, we slept.  An hour later, big brother (that's you Boston) woke up.  You called for Daddy, but Daddy was gone.  You got me instead. 

"Good morning Boss, want to come cuddle with Momma?"


"Daddy's at work baby"

" No"

"Want to cuddle with Momma in bed?"


"Ok, you come when you're ready". 

Isaac, you and I waited in bed until brother was reading to join us.  I continued reading and pulled out a sleeve of wheat crackers.  Boston, you sauntered in slowly and upon noticing the crackers, got a huge smile on your face.  I, careful not to pay you too much attention, opened up a little cuddle space next to me on the bed.  You climbed right in, I continued reading and we quietly devoured an entire sleeve of crackers.  We sat there for close to an hour quietly enjoying each other's company. you (Boston) leaning up every now and then to give me salty, crumbly kisses, or share one of your hand picked crackers with me and you (Isaac) grunting away as you cuddled up on my chest and buried your face deep in my neck.

We came downstairs, washed down our crackers with glasses of milk, read some books and you (Boston) and I patted and kissed brother until he drifted off to sleep.

It's been a really good morning, I'm thinking this calls for an equally enjoyable afternoon of more of the same. 

I love lazy days with you two.



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