Monday, November 19, 2012

Terrible Twos

Dear Boston,

You are my wild toddler boy.  At about 18 months you seemed to hit that "terrible two" stage, where you began to have opinions on everything, but still weren't capable of expressing those needs and opinions.  Nothing seemed to be lining up for you.  Your physical abilities were above your cognitive skills with some things, and your desires to be independent surpassed your capability to do so.   This led to some Tantrums, some difficult emotional days for you...and me.

The twos also came with a new baby brother which created even more adjusting for you and potty training.  Potty training wasn't the nightmare I imagined it would be. There were a couple frustrating moments, a few accidents but mostly just lots of cheering, dancing, marching to the bathroom and talking.  We had fun during our 3 stay at home potty days and I could tell you felt extra loved with all the time we were spending together because you gave me lots of extra pat pats and hugs.  :)  Don't pull a fast one on me now that I'm thinking we have this potty thing down.  You keep it up buddy!

Ok, so twos came with it's challenges and will continue to do so.  It has definitely tried my patience more than any other age, but in the last week your little brain sponge is just soaking up everything around you and I'm watching you discover the world on this whole new level.  I've never seen anything like it!  To watch your kid discover things in a new way and actually hear and see their little brains growing and absorbing is the most incredible thing I've ever witnessed!  You are amazing Boston!  Potty training just has clicked and you've been talking in small sentances for a couple months but just in the last week they have reached a whole new level.  And you're starting to understand things I've been trying to explain to you for months and you have figured out how to have real conversation.  It's been so cool to watch and know that just one week ago you weren't doing these very same things!  It makes me realize there is an insane amount of potential in you!  My job?  Help draw it all out of you by providing you with as inspiring of an environment as I can.  Let me share with you some little memories we created this week that I'll hold on to forever,

A conversation:
Me: "Boston no more running around brother, why don't you run from that window to this one"
You: "Why?" (your first time asking this question)
Me: (in my head, "wow, guess we're reaching the "why" stage) because it's dangerous and could hurt brother."
You:  "Ok".
Then you begin to run from one window to the next like I asked.

Deep thinking:
After you had hurt brother and gone to time out I told you how sad that made me when you did this. We moved on and about 10 minutes later you said,

"Yes Bosty?"
"Who cried Bosty?"
"Ohh did you make brother cry?"
You nod your head.
"How did you make him cry?  Did you poke his eye?  Or did you pull his hair?"
"His hairs"
"oohh that's kinda sad huh?"
You nod your head again.
Then I proceed to kiss and hug you as I cry  and laugh because It literally breaks my heart and makes me beam all at the same time watching you grow up.

New approaches:
Light pat on my shoulder followed by
"Mommy, binky?"
"Oh it's on the counter"
"Oh.  UM K".
Then you head downstairs to bring Daddy a binky for Isaac.

Patiently Explaining:
We were dancing around and as we're singing and dancing you say, "Mommy" then proceed to try and sing the song you want me to sing, but your off key and you don't know the words so I can't figure out the song.
"Mommy, look".
I look.
"the pig song?" I ask not knowing what that could be.
"Mommy, oink oink" you make a pig sound.
"Old Mcdonald?"
a huge grin spreads across your face, because you were able to explain what you wanted and I understood.  Being understood is one of the best feelings in the world isn't it?
We then jumped and danced and sang old mcdonald, with a few extra verses for the pigs. 

Today we spent the day making candies, licking chocolate out of the bowl, cleaning the bathrooms and the kitchen together.  You're just my little helper and getting closer to the point where you're ready for some real chores.  Oh my sweet boy, I have officially declared two as my favorite age yet.  Never have I  been more frustrated but I've also never been this in love with you.  It's a good thing however that I have a little baby to snuggle on while you break my heart getting so big! 
You're the most incredible person Boss.  I know this.  And remember Mommy knows everything. :)
You are terribly cute my little friend


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