Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Isaac my chatty boy

Dear Zekey boo,

You are my little talker.  Every moment you're awake you like to spend it chatting.  When I sing, you sing and coo right along with me.  When you get really tired you chat and wiggle more until your happy turns into sappy (sad/happy) and you eventually cry, unless I pick up on your cues and wrap you up tight, snuggle you and lay you down for a nap.  You're completely adorable.  You've learned to flinch when brother comes near and sometimes you even let out a yelp before he's even touched you.  I don't blame you.  You've gotta come up with some sort of defense against your brother's fierce loveys.  I'm working on helping with that by making you big and strong with some good ol' Momma milk. He really does adore you though.  He always talks about how cute you are and needs to kiss you about 100 times a day.  He makes you smile and laugh, when he's not making you cry.

You and Bonky are quite the pals too.  You love talking with her and playing.  You also love to cuddle up to her for a good nap.  Today we practiced standing up and you were so proud of yourself you let out big yelps and laughs.  I laughed as you turned your head over your shoulder to see if Bonky and brother were seeing your trick.  I got so much joy out of watching your little bum stick out and you try to stand on those wobbly, fluffy thighs while I held your sweet little hands. 

I love you sweetheart.  You are so sweet you make me want to have a million more babies, but I'll let you be my only baby for another while.  We've just gotten started haven't we?

I love you darling boy.


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