Saturday, May 11, 2013

Isaac: 8 months

A little Zekey update is in order.
Dear Isaac,
You are 9 months old in 3 days and you've been officially crawling now for about 2 weeks. This last week you started climbing up on your high knees and are now pulling yourself up on furniture and standing up.
You weigh about 22 lbs and still have the best thighs.  Your still as sweet as can be.  A very mellow, easy to please babe.  You sleep (mostly) through the night.  About 5 every morning you wake up to nurse and then go back to sleep for a few hours.  What a napper you are!  You will take a nap whenever you can get one.  We aim for 2 naps a day, but sometimes it's 1 nap with lots of little cat naps while we're out and about.  The other day you took two 3 hour long naps.  Tired boy!  But every day I try and get you and Boss down at 2 and you both will sleep till 5 and sometimes you till 6!  
You have 3 words in your miniature vocabulary right now.  They are (in order) 
It took awhile to get to the Momma part, but we got there.  You're a great little eater and nurser and no allergies yet, woohoo!  Ever since you got tubes at about 7 1/2- 8 months, you haven't had an ear infection and are sleeping so much better.  
You and Boston are becoming such good buds.  You make each other laugh and Boston so looks forward to every opportunity to play with you.  
Time to bring out the gates, you'll be walking in no time...ey yi yi. 
I love you. Love,

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