Sunday, June 2, 2013

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Dear Boston,

I recounted a special day we had just yesterday on my blog, and I want you to have it in your letters.  
Here it is,

  I watched out the car window as Dane took pictures of Boston in front of the old Pasco train.  I could see Boston pointing out different features on the train and smiling as he ran around it.  They hopped back in the car and as we were about to turn onto the freeway we saw a real train cruising by.  
We chased it.
Driving fast, with Boston’s window rolled down we passed the train up.
Dane don’t go too fast, Boss is loving this. 
We’re gonna pass it up so we can pull over and watch it drive by.
We left the train behind us and pulled onto the dirt road next to the tracks.  Dane and I raced out of the car trying to get Boston out as fast as possible, so he could see the train up close.  We both rushed to Boston’s door (I got there first).  I unbuckled him quickly as Boston laughed shouting,
Hurry Momma! Train!
I yanked Boston out of the car seat and handed him to Dane just in time.  The conductor (noticing two crazy parents and one excited toddler) Looked out his window and gave us a big wave and train whistle.  I’ve never seen Such a thrilled look of awe on this little boys face.  Dane and I wanted to kiss the conductor for waving to Boston. 
Sir Topham Hat Mom! 
I know baby!  
All three of us stood there laughing and cheering.  Dane and I were just as excited as Boston.  When we got back in the car Boston recounted the experience in disbelief,
Holy Cow! I waved at train!  Hiiiii Train!!
On a high from this little adventure we decided to drive by the airport to catch a few planes flying by.  Boston watched the planes go up and down the runway hoping he might see a crash (we didn’t thank goodness) and cheering as the planes took off.  As we left the airport we saw a police car and decided to follow him just to really round out this day of awesomeness.  As we followed  this officer, someone began to speed so the police car’s lights went on and we were wrapped up in another adventure.  It was thrilling (for us, not the poor person getting pulled over).  
Boston hasn’t stopped talking about our adventures earlier today.  What would of been a very normal afternoon turned into a two year old boys dreams. Parenting isn’t always crazy exciting when you’re caught up in the every day business of life, but today we spent an hour adventuring with our two year old son and we might as well of been in Disney land. Down the road Boston might forget this day, but it’s going down as a favorite for Dane and I.  

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