Friday, June 14, 2013

These Little Men

Dear Boys,
I wrote this post about the two of you.  
Love, Momma
These little men of mine are growing up too fast.  Sometimes I wish I could capture them forever, just as they are right now.
My boys and their beautiful big blue eyes.  Their sweet smiles that make me laugh.  Their masses of light and dark hair mixed, with cowlicks in all the same places as Daddy.  My boys have big paws.  I rocked them both as we wound down for naps and I smiled noticing their long fingers and giant feet flopped over one another.  Those big hands and feet are a constant reminder that my Littles won’t be little for long.
These boys are equal parts silly and sweet, with a giant dollop of wild mixed in.  They love to dance. Isaac feels the rhythm of the music from his head down to his toes.  He tosses his head from side to side, while wildly stomping one foot.  Boston tries to keep up with my dance moves and laughs the whole way through.
I love these boys fiercely and they love me back.  I walk into a room and Isaac’s whole day has been made.  He crawls over to me as fast as his chubby limbs will let him, all the while laughing/crying.  It’s pretty great to be greeted with tears of joy…this doesn’t happen in most rooms I walk into.  Isaac knows how to make his girl swoon.  He would be happy if he could have one paw on me at all times.  Isaac loves to bundle up in my arms and rest his head on my shoulder
Boston loves me intensely.  He gives the biggest kisses and the fiercest hugs and before you know it he’s off!  You’ve gotta take these loves when you can get them with Boston, because he’s always in a hurry.  However there are those moments that he needs a good long hug, like when he’s hurt, or his feelings are hurt, or when he just wakes up, or is ready to go down.  In these moments he may even offer you a few pat pats, or rubs on the arm.  He’s not selfish. :)  Overall Boston is a Daddy’s boy, but when he wakes up from a nightmare, he always calls out for Momma.
My little boys love each other and light up when the other wakes from a nap.  They’re a little team these two.  Sometimes I can’t wait to see what charming little men they turn out to be, but you won’t see me wishing away these days where they are mine and I am theirs and that’s all that matters.

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