Saturday, August 17, 2013

1 Year with Isaac

Dear Isaac,

Just a couple days ago you turned one!  What a big boy you are!  For your first birthday party we had a Little Gentleman's theme and served cookies and milk. :)  We had all the Yancey family attend (except for Uncle Jason and Aunt Aleece since they don't live here).  You are the cutest one year old in the whole world.  At your birthday we played a video of your newborn pictures and you still look like the same little baby to me and Daddy.  You still have all your cute chub, your big blue eyes and your sweet smile.  Your hair has lightened up quite a bit though, just like brother's did.

You and I are still the best of pals.  You're happiest if we're touching. :)  We just stopped nursing and it makes me a little sad because it's just the start of you becoming my big boy.  You're always on the move, crawling or scooting along furniture all day long.  You love to look at your books and play with brother's trucks. You're silly (like the rest of us) and love to dance and make loud noises back and forth with brother.  The only time you like to be sitting still is if you're cuddled up in my arms.

Our song (the one I sing to you while we rock) is "The Way You Look Tonight".  It's actually a really sweet little lullaby and you drift right to sleep when I start to sing it. Every night I swaddle you up (you still LOVE to be swaddled) and lay you on your side, but immediately you roll to your tummy, bum in air and close your little eyes.  In the morning you call to me from the monitor and I open the door to see you peaking over the edge of your crib.

We've only taught you one baby sign, "food" and you use it often.  It's super cute.  We've gotta start teaching you more signs, cause you are ready to communicate.

We love you sweet baby.  You have added so much to our little family and we could not imagine you not being here.  Daddy and I lay in bed many nights talking about how cute your little face is and laughing about all of the funny things you did that day.  In fact last night Daddy and I went on a date so we pulled you out of bed when we got home and you snuggled in Daddy's arms for a good while before we popped you back in bed.

We love you darling boy.


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  1. so cute! I love reading about your enthusiasm for motherhood...that is at least what I get from your posts anyways :)