Sunday, September 8, 2013


Dear Boston,

I have to record some snippets of your pretend play for you (and me) to always remember. You're playing with your trucks and little people right now and saying things like,

"What Happened?!"
"Hi how are you?"
"Oh good"
"What you doing?"
"Oh, we're best friends"

And then you make LOTS of crashing and "heelp" "Nooo!" noises.

After the crash you continue with sweet conversation,

"You Silly"

And then some more crash talk,

"Hello, he's gonna squish me"
"Uh oh he's gonna squish me"
"I don't like going up!"
"Your turn"
"That's hard for me".

I could listen to you play pretend all day.  I delight in your imagination. :)

Love, Momma

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