Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Quiet time

Dear Boston,

Today was day two of no nap.  We're starting a new adventure together, of giving up naps for quiet time. We've got some kinks to work out, but for the most part it's going great.  At 10 o clock I could of sworn you were in dire need of a nap and we even tried for one (unsuccessfully).  About 5 o clock tonight you could barely keep your eyes open and Daddy had to spoon feed you dinner (I think we'll try for a nap tomorrow). Around 4 o clock you wandered into the kitchen and exclaimed out of the blue,

                                          "I'm not tired!" ...while rubbing your eyes.

 But it's 3 o clock that made today really special, when you and I sat feet to feet on opposite ends of the couch.  You had your coloring crayons, paper and a coloring book and I had my computer.  We sat across from each other with our legs wrapped in the quilt I made (you know the one...the only one I've ever made).  Every now and then you'd show me the picture you were drawing or just look up and smile at me.

I watched you draw for a bit, then scooped you up and held you, like I did when you were my only baby.  I told you all about how much I loved sharing our quiet time together and you soaked it all in; Pure bliss.

The witching hour struck around 5 o clock and you and Zekey followed me around the house for a half hour, pawing at me while crying as I tried to get dinner ready. 5 o clock was rough, but it's 3 o clock that's sticking with me...and I think it will for a long time.  I hope those are the moments that stick with you too.

Thanks for all the hours. :)
A picture of us months and months ago when you were sick.  

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