Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dear boys

Dear boys,

You are both growing and changing so much right now.  You're both in a very cute stage and Daddy and I laugh every day at your silly antics and new phrases.

Boston you're growing a lot these days.  You weigh about 36 lbs and grow half an inch every month or so (no joke.  We're measuring you on the wall).  You're wearing size 11 shoes, but not for much longer.
You're a very smart boy and also very curious.  A question for everything. :)  Right now your favorite book is "Who's your hero" and your favorite hero is Ammon.  I've been impressed to watch you take on your oldest brother role so well these days.  You're my biggest helper and are always willing and ready to grab me what I need, or help me clean up messes.  I rely on you a lot when it comes to teaching brother.  You help me keep him from making big messes or getting into big trouble.

You now have the pledge of allegiance, and first and second article of faith memorized.  You count great, know all your letters and their sounds and  know what letters your families names start with.  You also can sound out a couple small words when reading.  We've enjoyed writing together and you love writing out all of our names.   You have a great desire to learn how to read.  A couple of your favorite books you've memorized and "read" them to me and you feel so proud when you're done.  Trucks and cars are still a favorite to play with and you love the toy set Daddy built you.

Two cute things you've said lately,

"That was so nice of her, but I didn't want her to" - when telling Daddy about the neighbor offering to help you.

"Daddy, you're my best friend"

I love you Boss.  You're my little pal all day every day.  When Daddy's out of town our favorite thing to do is cuddle up in bed (after Isaac's asleep) and watch youtube cooking channels. :)  We have a blast together.
Oh!  And I can't forget your prayers.  You say the sweetest prayers these days, filled with phrases like, "Please bless the trees that Nana loves so much"  "Please bless our birdies"  "Please bless our two babies" "Please bless our bodies and hands and eyes etc..."  We LOVE hearing your thoughts through prayer.  


you're growing a lot too these days. You grew an inch this last month! I don't really know what shoe size you are since you just wear Boston's hand me downs and I can't remember the sizes!  You weigh 26 lbs.  I know this because you weighed yourself about 10 times yesterday morning while I got ready. :)  You're a chatty, smart little boy and just like brother,very curious.  Our number one favorite phrase of yours is

"Uh huh".

You never say yes.  It's always, "Uh huh".

You enjoy doing the pledge of allegiance and articles of faith with Boston (as best you can).  You say prayers now and sing along with the abcs and count to 3 perfect (after 3 it's a little bit gibberish).  Your favorite songs to sing are "Let it go" and "Love is an open door".

The second song is sung like this,

"Doooor.  Doooor.  Wis you.  Wis you. "

I can still claim you as a Momma's boy but your love for Daddy is threatening to take my place.  ;) Daddy coming home is the highlight of your day and sometimes you even prefer him at bedtime over me!
Thankfully I am still the recipient of lots of hugs, cuddles and beijos from you.  You'll always be my squishy little baby, I love you.

We've got a lot of changes coming up boys.  You're both going to be big brothers now.  I can't wait to watch our family grow, but I don't want to forget these days of just the 4 of us. We've got a pretty great life.

Love you both.



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