Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Letter to Isaac: 3 years

Dear Isaac,

We just celebrated 3 years of life with you!  In my opinion every family needs an Isaac.  You make everyone you meet smile and laugh.  You have a BIG personality that comes out in your walk, the way you speak in a sing song tone and in your larger than life facial expressions.  Your whole little body exudes a care free silliness and joy that can't help but be shared.

You soak up cuddles and loves and are always up to sit on a lap while you play.  You're extremely easy going and make friends fast.

Everyone loves Isaac. 

There's another equally lovable side to you that is fierce and quiet and curious.  From a young age you learned to stand up for yourself and if someone (AKA Boston) crosses you, you're quick to fight back. Even if that means striking a blow then running like mad back to safety (AKA Mom).  You enjoy time alone and playing by yourself.  You're so curious and often wander off quietly to go discover the world alone, hence getting lost 3 different times! 

You enjoy puzzles (and are really good at them), preschool, reading and cars.  It's been a joy watching you grow and become the adorable, fierce, tender, curious, silly boy that we all adore.  

Favorite Isaac sentences as of late:
"What da heck on earf"
"Heavly Fader.  It's a prayer..."

I love you Isaac! 


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  1. You summed him up perfectly. I remember calling him my pain pill when I was struggling and he is the sweetest, funniest little guy!