Friday, September 18, 2015

Boston's 5th Birthday

Happy Birthday Boston!  You are 5 years old!  I remember rocking you in your room, just a few weeks old, feeling scared of this new life together and feeling as in love as I'd ever felt.  Five years later, I'm still scared and so so much more in love.  How is this possible? At some poing my heart will surely explode.  Last night Dad and I stayed up talking through tears about you.  Where the Wild things are summed up my feelings last night perfectly.

Please don't go.  I'll eat you up I love you so.

How do you keep getting older so fast?  Are there still 365 days in a year?  I'm not so sure anymore. 

At 5 years old you are charming and curious and full of life.  Having 3 little siblings has brought out the very best of you.  For example you got hurt last night while grabbing me diapers and wipes in the sisters room while they slept, but knowing you needed to be quiet, you ran swiftly from the room, without making a sound, until you reached my bed and burst into tears as the scrape on your leg bled.  You'll hold a sister patiently through tears and screams because you love her so.  Isaac is your best friend and you'd do anything for him.  Dad remains your very best friend and we wouldn't have it any other way.  Reading, running, riding your bike, playing soccer, swinging and riding the wiggle bike are some of your favorites.  

It's quite possible you're on your way to being a vegetarian.  If you know the food has come from an animal, you won't eat it.  Preschool is your favorite and you can't WAIT for Kindergarten next year.

This day has been fun filled with presents and pancakes in the morning, a soccer game, gemstone digging and puzzle building in the afternoon and The Trampoline house and Mcdonalds this evening.  Last night you whispered to Dad as he tucked you in, 

Don't forget my decorations.
I'm pretty sure this day has lived up to your big birthday imagination.  We'll rock out at your party tomorrow.  

You're a good boy Boston Yancey.  
We love you with all our hearts,

Love, Momma.  

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  1. So beautiful! I have seen that little man in action and love how he just jumped in with both feet to help out with his sisters, even trying to help with nighttime feedings. He is amazing and I love him so much!