Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ran out of Songs

Dear Boston,

As you know I love to sing to you and you seem to love it too.  The go to songs are always, "I will love you", "To make you feel my love" and "Fix You".  When I am sick of singing those over and over and over, I sing some of my favorite songs to you.  Beyonce's "Halo".  Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill's "I need you".  The Frays, "Never say Never".  And lately (with the Holiday Season being upon us) I have been singing to you, "Silent Night" and "Away in a Manger".  

Well after a long night I had sang every song at least 4 times and I (not to mention probably Dane) was sick of hearing them, so as I racked my brains for another song, I must have reached somewhere deep in the recess' of my 14 year old mind when these words came out of my mouth, "You are My fiiiire.  The one Deeeesiiiree.  Believe When III say, that IIII want it that way.  Tell me wwwwhyyyee.."  Ya, Boss. I started singing to you Backstreet boys.  You probably won't ever know who they are, but just know that I'm sorry I resorted to that.  And not that this matters to you, but I was an NSYNC fan, not Backstreet boys.  Why did they come into my head?  Well again, I owe you an apology.  I will try harder next time.  :) 



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  1. That is awesome. If it had been me they would have been New Kids songs.