Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hey Mom

Dear Boston,

Every night after you fall asleep, I go in your room and check on you, just to make sure that you're still breathing... hopefully one day I will drop this routine.  When I go in to check on you I lean in VERY close about an inch from your face so that I can hear and see you breathing (it's hard to see your little face in a dark room).  So the other night I went in and did the same old routine.  I leaned down over your crib and got right in your face and you shined two big blue eyes back at me with a huge grin on your face.  It took me a second to realize that you were awake and grinning.  I started laughing really hard and have been laughing over this instance for days.

I find it hilarious that you see nothing weird about waking up to your mom about one inch from your face just staring at you.  If you could talk I think you would have said something like,

"Hey Mom.  It's really nice to see you one inch from my face.  I don't find it weird at all". 

You are so cute Boss.  Every night Daddy and I say, "that boy is So dang perfect!  How did we get so lucky?!" 




  1. That is so cute!! Babies are so fun. I still always check on Avery and Karter before I go to bed, sometimes Avery talks to me and says funny things. I wish I could see your cutie in person!!

  2. its hard to break that habit, i still do it some nights. kids are just too cute while they sleep!