Wednesday, December 1, 2010

You win some, you lose some

Dear Boston,

Yesterday was a not so great day for you and I. You are a little over 2 months old and we are just trying to find our groove. I have realized that I have to make concerted efforts to notice the signs of when you're getting tired, and then help you get to sleep by swaddling you up, rocking you in the chair, and singing you a song in your quiet little nursery. I wasn't doing this consistently, so yesterday I was diligent about it!

Well, yesterday was awful. You hardly took a nap. You only fell asleep when in my arms, but as soon as I put you down you woke right up. Needless to say I didn't get much done. You also weren't your happy smiley self (probably because you were over tired from lack of a nap). I was a little grumpy, a little greasy (a few days without a shower will do that to ya) but still, I couldn't resist kissing your cute little cheeks all day. When Daddy got home he saw a grumpy little boy and a tired out Momma.

Today was a whole different story. You slept from 9-9 with only one 5 am feeding! As a teenager you might read this and not think that sounds so awesome, but for a Mom and Dad who have adjusted to waking up every few hours, this is seriously awesome! We were so proud of you! When I went in to get you this morning, you were crying but the second I leaned down and you could see me, you burst into a laugh and a huge smile. It made my whole day. I love that you wake up so happy. I wonder if this will stick when you are waking up for school? Probably not, but it sure is cute right now. The rest of today went great. I looked for signs of you getting tired, and then swaddled you up, rocked you in the chair and sang to you. And today it worked! You took three great naps today and have been down for the night for the last 3 hours! You were also an extra happy baby today. Lots of loves and smiles for Momma.

My schedule went so smooth today because of your great napping. I cooked a yummy dinner, showered, brushed my teeth (these are my accomplishments these days) cleaned the kitchen and my bedroom, worked on my calling, chatted with my sisters, read scriptures with you, read the napping house with you, cuddled you lots, played with you, prayed with you and made a yummy fondue dessert! That is a big day for me! I normally don't get half of that done. So here's to you, me and Daddy getting some sleep! We are hoping for a repeat. I love you so much Darling.



PS You sleep with both fists balled up right next to your cheeks, all night long... how cute is that?

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