Thursday, December 1, 2011

I love you

Dear Boston,

It has been too long since I've wrote you a letter.  This is not for a lack of things to write, because you're keeping things quite interesting around here.  This is also not for lack of love, because I love you more every just keep me a lot busier these days.  You are so playful.  Daddy and I love this about you.  You are sweet and funny and silly and you adore people.  I love that you're so social.  You love music and after tonight (I took you to a Christmas party, where piano music was being played) I realize I need to get you a piano.  You waved your arms wildly as if you were conducting the music, the entire time the piano played.  You love to cuddle Momma and I think you now are attached to Daddy and I equally.  You used to play favorites, but now you're happy with either one of us. 

Two days ago I was kneeling next to you, while you sat on the couch and you wrapped your arm around my neck and gave me a beijo.  It made me cry because it was so intentional and seemed so old of you.  It also made me feel like you must adore me as much as I adore you.  It's kind of an awesome love affair we have going on.  Do you think Daddy and I are as funny and cute as we think you are?  Perhaps you too find it simply adorable how Daddy and I run, or eat, or laugh? Haha.  Just that thought makes me laugh out loud. 

You're learning so much every day.  You say 4 words now and you even know a phrase (uh-oh).  You're almost there with "thank you" and "bye bye".  You're picking up new baby signs by the minute and you know how to fold your arms for prayer.  In fact the other day Momma forgot to say prayer with you, so you just waited patiently, with arms folded, for Momma to realize her mistake.  After we said the prayer you dug right into your food.  You have a great little spirit about you and even with all your energy, you still make the best company.  I hope we're always buddies like we are now.  I know at some point we probably won't hug and kiss as much as we do now, but I hope that's replaced with good talks and playing games and learning and growing from each other. 

I love you so much Pal,



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