Friday, December 7, 2012

Mini me

Dear Isaac,

You are such an adorable little fluffy baby.  I never thought I was cute as a baby, but somehow you look a ton like me as a baby, only you are the ultra cute version.  I love your big blue eyes, fluffy thighs and cheeks (on both ends I might add) and wild brown hair. Your personality is just a little slice of heaven.  You are so incredibly sweet and happy and smiley.  It's no wonder Daddy blessed you with a positive attitude, because you have already been displaying that daily.  You're incredibly patient and accommodating and you never have too many smiles to give out.

You're also a bit of a Momma's boy ( I love this).  You love just being near me and close to me.  You're content with whatever we're doing as long as we can be close.  I have yet to experience one moment of frustration with you.  Not one.  You're just so sweet there is no reason every to be frustrated.  You're a quiet crier but have a loud voice.  You love to coo and find your range and talk our ears off when you can get our attention.  You also loooovvee Bonky.  She's your other "girl" besides me.  You've taken many a nap in her arms and she calls you her little pain pill because holding you just makes everything better.  You're such a joy to have in our home.  You make Boston laugh all the time and he makes you laugh too.  You like to laugh with people and one night if I just kept saying "art" over and over you just died laughing.  It made me and Bonky laugh and laugh. 

When brother turned 3 months old he started to smell a bit like bacon from all of his drooling.  You have your own distinct saliva smell and it's Mac n cheese.  :)  Oh my stinky little men.  You also have lots of moments of smelling just like Heaven though.  Like straight out of a bath and there is nothing better than little babies breathe. 

You're almost 4 months old and have recently discovered your toes.  You love playing with them and are learning to use your hands to grab more things, like my hair, toys and your toys.  You're a big fan of your binky, but you might be a thumb sucker because you are always trying to find ways to work those fingers in your mouth.  We haven't had an appointment for you in a little while, but last I checked you weighed about 16 lbs.  Not sure how long you are.  I think about 23 inches maybe? 

We spend so much time snuggling.  I think you're more snuggly than Boss was.  You're quite active like he was (rolling over early and always moving that body) but you also love a good snuggle pressed up tight against me where I can give you endless kisses on your fluffy cheeks. 

Nakey time is happy time in your world.  The minute that diaper comes off you are all smiles.  I don't blame ya.  Your little rolls need some time to air out!  You also seem to love music, maybe you'll be my little singer.  Right now you are talking my ear off as I type and read this letter aloud to you.  You get so excited when I talk to you.  Often times before you cry you try really hard to explain yourself  and use your words.  Like just now you were saying "pick me up Momma" so i'm finishing this letter one handed.  You make me feel like a million bucks the way you stare and smile at me.  The two of us are pretty in love aren't we? So grateful for the endless hours of snuggle time we get, including in the Bjorn.  You don't care if I'm bending over a million times or if you're tipped a little to one side in that thing.  If your snuggled up to me with your hands by your cheeks you're happy as a clam.

I love you,

Love Momma

PS My main song to you seems to be The way you look tonight,  The words are adorable and you love to sing along to it with me..

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  1. Great Letter Jill, i've written some like this for Lily in my journal :) He's a big boy! Lily and him weigh the same. Hope you're doing well and loving the Tri-Cities!