Friday, December 14, 2012

My boys

Dear Babies of mine,

Something heart breaking happened today.  Too heartbreaking to write about.  It didn't happen to our family personally but me and probably every parent across the country are shedding tears and feeling heart broken over it.  I feel inclined to hold you both so tight and not let go.  Never let you out of my sight and always keep you close to my heart.  But I can't wake either of you up and I'll have to let the both of you go someday...I only hope that day doesn't come sooner than I'm ready for.  So tonight, while you are both still under my roof, under my protection, safe and sound I want to write you a letter and just tell you a few scattered, yet seemingly important things that I want you to know.

You are both such good boys.  Your innocence and goodness just permeates our home and makes me and your Dad better people. 

A loving Heavenly Father created you.

You were both so wanted by your Dad and I before you came here...that hasn't changed.  :)

You'll spend all your lives learning and growing, but it's now, as children that you'll do the most teaching.

The two of you are so loved.

Your parents love each other so much.

You both are incredibly happy little men. 

Boston you are so smart.  Daddy and I are amazed at how quickly you learn new things and you try so hard.  Your confidence is something I admire and aspire to.  It's maybe my favorite thing about you.  You're silly.  That's probably my second favorite.  I love when you tell me to, "Come on Mom" in your big boy voice and I appreciate your pats on the back followed by, "Good job Mom".  I adore you. 
I just simply adore you.

Isaac, I've never known a more content person.  You're so happy just to be.  You teach me how to truly love.  The way you look at me warms my whole soul.  You spent a week with a fever and were only content if you were in my arms or sleeping next to my body.  The moment I walked away, you knew and needed me back.  My body gives you 100% of the nutrients you need to be alive and I just love being needed that way.  You perfectly forgive offenses and have endless love to give, through your cuddles and smiles.  I have so much to learn from you.  I think you just might be an old soul.  Believe it or not I need you just as much as you need me.  I needed to have you when I did and I needed the incredible experience I had in getting you here.  You've given me hope for many more babies to come.  :) 

I love you sweet babies.  In all of eternity this is my one chance to know you as little children.  My one chance to experience your "firsts".  I treasure this time so much and will not wish it away for one second...not even on the sleepless nights.. cause at least they're spent with one of you. 



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