Saturday, January 5, 2013

Answered Prayers

Dear Boston,

Dear Boston,

I have been praying about you for the last week or so and I feel like today the Lord has answered my prayers.  I've been concerned about you at night.  Whenever it's time for bed we do the same routine.  Read a book, then we rock and I sing you a song.  Once I've sang your three special songs I lay you down in bed.  You seem just fine, until I walk out the door and shut and lock it.  That's when you bawl.  You used to be fine with this routine but for the last few months you cry yourself to sleep every single bed time.  It's been breaking my heart and I've felt like there must be a way to help you get the sleep you need without you crying yourself to sleep every night and nap.

So that's what I've been praying about.  I've been asking the Lord to help comfort you, bring you peace, know that you're safe.  I've been praying that he'll bless me and Daddy with insight to know how best to help you, what to do for you.

Today I believe that answer came.  It may seem obvious, but it took me a while to figure it out.  See we've been shutting and locking your door for a long time now, because you would not stay in  your room from the time you got a big boy bed.  Sometimes we'd find you downstairs with dangerous things and it just made us too nervous, so we shut and locked your door.  But you've been growing and changing so much and you listen and obey a little better than you used to, so for nap time I told you that if you stayed in bed we could keep your door open.  You liked that idea and stayed in bed...for the most part.  When you tried to get out I yelled up that I could see you (on the monitor) and to hop back in and you scammered back in.  You played in bed for an hour and then tried to get out again so I shut and locked your door and you cried.

Tonight you were bawling after Daddy tucked you in and I thought to try the door open again.  So I walked you back to bed and you cried, but I asked you if you'd like the door open or closed and you said open.  I said, "OK" and told you we'd be right next door and kissed your little cheek and walked out.  You've been sound asleep in bed, and haven't made a peep.

It makes me so happy to know you're sleeping peacefully and that you went to bed feeling safe and happy.  I feel really bad when I don't know the best way to handle things for you, especially when it makes you so sad, but I love you so much and am working hard to figure out the right ways to handle things.  I quite clearly don't always have the answers, but I'm so grateful that the Lord does and he's so willing to give them to me if I seek them diligently.

Sleep well Darling.



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