Friday, August 1, 2014

Letter to Boston: Bad days

Dear Boston,

Yesterday was a bad day for the two of us.  You struggled to be a good listener and I struggled to be a good not-yeller. :)  In other words, Mommy yelled a lot and you disobeyed a lot.  It made for a pretty crummy day.  One of those days where you didn't feel much like being a kid, and I didn't feel much like being a Mom.

But even on our very worst days we have our moments where I remember how much I like that you're mine and I think you feel the same.  When Zekey went down for his nap I laid out pillows and blankets on my floor and set you up with Donald Duck, while I tried to nap in my bed. Before I laid down I looked at your little face and you looked so defeated.  I asked you how you were feeling.

"I feel sad".

I asked you why.

"Because you were mean to me today".

I crawled up next to you and we laid together and just stared at each other for awhile.  We both cried and hugged and apologized.  We talked about our struggles with yelling and not listening.  We agreed to try harder.  Then we hugged some more. Once Daddy got home our day went much better.  You went to bed without a struggle and we all got some sleep.  Then at 3:00 in the morning you wandered into our room, up to my side of the bed.

"Momma my feet hurt".  You change shoe sizes every couple months and as a result of your super speedy growing body, your feet and calves often hurt you.  You  know the routine.  You crawled up in my bed and we laid at opposite ends while I massaged your feet.  You kept crying and asked if I would sing to you.  I sang and massaged, but those growing pains wouldn't go away.  I ran downstairs and grabbed you some medicine.  Then I continued to massage and sing until you fell asleep.  I carried you to your room and didn't see you again until the sun was up.

This morning you had lots of extra kisses, I love you's, and hugs to give me.  I think you were telling me you're glad to be mine and I was reminded how grateful I am to be your Mom.  Even on the hard days.  And especially on the hard nights, when you just need your Momma to sing to you.  :)

I love you bud,

Love, Momma

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