Saturday, September 6, 2014

Proud moments

Dear Boston,

Today you and I shared a moment that I hope I never ever forget.  You're 3 years old (almost 4) and for the last few months you've been especially interested in learning how to read.  We've started Zoo-phonics and you're really getting down all the letter sounds.  Today during quiet time you were writing/drawing on your white board, then we started spelling out words together and sounding them out.

For the first time ever, you read your first word phonetically all by yourself!  The word was,

It was so fun to hear you say, "Mmm ahh  Mmm" and then say it faster and then realize what you had said.
"Mom!  That says Mom!"  Now I'm so proud of you, but the thing that will stick with me is the moment we shared after.   You were so excited and proud and I felt so excited for you.  We both cracked up laughing and you had a grin stretched from ear to ear.  We laughed for a good few minutes and I kept saying how proud I was.  Then you would get so overwhelmed with joy all you could do was hug me.  So you'd wrap your arms tight around my neck and we'd laugh some more.  As soon as we pulled it together, we called Daddy and shared the big news with him.

I am so glad that I'm not missing out on these moments with you.  I couldn't stop talking with Daddy tonight about how good it felt to share that moment of accomplishment and excitement with you.  I love you so much and you are one of my very favorite people.

I love you,


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