Monday, December 15, 2014

Dear Rowan Adele

Hi Darling,

You have now been in my tummy for 33 whole weeks.  Pretty soon (could be any day) I get to meet you and I cannnot wait.  I've had such a good time getting to know you over these last months.  For the majority of this pregnancy you have been baby A.  This means that unless I have a C section, you will be born first.  From the beginning you've been consistant, growing along peacefully.  I got to hear your heart beat for the first time at just 6 weeks.  It was a strong little heart beat too!  You haven't caused us any worry during this pregnancy, always stable.  You are definitely the calmer one of you and sister.  All of your movements are slow and rolling.  I imagine you to be my peaceful, mellow little one.  :)  Maybe even quiet?  Wouldn't that be a change in our home.  I picture you going about life with a certain amount of grace.  That's a quality I've never had, but have always admired in my friends.  I'm often drawn to women that don't have to be loud to be heard, and that have a sort of quiet, but substantial presence in a room.  Peaceful, content women.  This is how I imagine you might be. :)  Although if I've you pegged wrong, you just feel free to be you.  I'll love you any which way you are!

We just officially chose yours and sisters names a few weeks ago.  Rowen was a name Daddy and I liked for a boy and we considered it when I was pregnant with Isaac.  When deciding a name for you I wanted something graceful, and elegant and was very close to naming you Adele.  Daddy brought up the idea of naming you Rowan and I had never thought of that for a girl.  I looked up the meaning of Rowan online and fell in love with the name even more.  Rowan with an A is the girl form of the name and you're named after the Rowan tree.  A beautiful tree with red berries it has it's roots in greek, norse and british folklore.  The Rowan tree is also called a tree of the Goddess or Faerie tree.  in Norse mythology they say that the first woman was made from the Rowan tree. In Gaelic the name means "little redhead".  Will you have red hair perhaps?  I wonder!

You are such a blessing in my life already.  You are so wanted by both Daddy and I.  I can't wait to meet you, look at you, and hold you....soon!



PS Boston has claimed you as "his" baby.  This means he'll be my big helper when it comes to you.  You're really gonna love him. :)  That also means Remi is Isaac's baby.  Good luck Remi! ;)

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