Thursday, January 7, 2016

Letter to Rowan on her 1st Birthday

Dear Rowan,

You turned 1 yesterday!  Well, technically you turned one, two days ago, as I'm writing this at 12:40 am on the 7th.  (I write when I can!)  You and sister have been the highlight of my year.  This year has flown by.  There's been some hard parts.  Sleepless nights.  Long days.  Nursing struggles. Struggling to get anywhere on time.  But there's been so much more good.  Late night chats where you babble away.  Watching your hair grow long enough to poof up on top and tuck behind your ears.
I love all your sweet smiles, husky voice, and adventurous spirit.  You're a mover and remind me a lot of Boston as a baby.  Which  I just now realize is fitting, because you are and have always been, "his baby".  You like to face outward and be picked up for quick loves, then set back down to play and army crawl.  You easily draw in friends and adoring fans with your inviting nature.

  You've recently started pulling yourself up to standing and it's so fun to see you stomp those tiny legs while standing at the baby gate.  You feel proud of yourself and shout and giggle in your husky little voice at your big accomplishments.  You're silly and like to play games and repeat noises with Daddy especially back and forth.  You say hi and wave and give out sweet beijos when asked.

I realize you and sister are identical (I think?) but I feel like you look just a bit more like me, although your personality seems different than mine. I predict you grow up to be like some of my favorite friends that possess a quiet but definite presence in a room and a grace that I never could emulate but so admire.  Just as I felt when I carried you, you're a sweet, patient little soul.  You let me know you need me, but are willing to wait when needed.  I try to make sure you get to go first half the time, just as a thank you for all your patience.

I love you so much and I see so much grace, tenderness and kindness in your bright little soul.
I love you dearly.  Your Dad is utterly smitten with you.  And your brothers are your biggest fans.

We love you dear Row!  I'm so so forever grateful you're mine.

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