Thursday, January 7, 2016

Letter to Remi on her 1st Birthday

Dear Remington,

Oh how this Momma loves you.  As I've got to know you over this last year I've noticed some recurring themes that I think I can firmly call, character traits.  You've been a little fighter from day one.  You even fought your way to be born first, even though you were baby B!  You're a chatty little thing and you love the sound of your voice.  You are loud girl.  I mean, LOUD.  But it's usually happy loud, so I'll take it.  You love people and like to chat with them, or smile at them, but you prefer to be wrapped in my arms, cheek to cheek, holding both my ears or hair and kissing me or letting me kiss you.  The closer we are the better.  You remind me of Isaac as a baby, and I believe when he picked you to be "his baby" he picked a kindred spirit.  I used to say, "Isaac loves me so good.  I've never been loved like that" and that was true, until you came along.  You and Isaac show me love in the best, all encompassing kind of way.  I walk in a room and your face lights up, your feet start kicking, your ecstatic giggle verges on mania and you follow me around with the fastest of army crawls until I pick you up. When I'm holding you I assume you're thinking something along the lines of, "how can we get any closer?!".  You just can't get enough.  And neither can I.

I love hearing your deep belly laugh, watching you speed army crawl, and have immensely enjoyed watching you fatten right up from that tiny 4 1/2 lbs you once were.  Everything about you is fierce.  Your loves.  Your smile.  Your tantrums.  I'm constantly reminded of how I was described as a baby.  You and I sister are cut from the same cloth.  Grandpa Scott wrote me a letter once as a baby, and in it, he said,

"Dear Jill, my fat little baby.  I miss you and your fierce loves.  Don't hurt the big girls".

I get it.  I would write this exact thing to you. You're a fun, silly little girl that has 2 grown teeth (making you and Isaac tied for youngest teeth growers in this family) and a head full of hair that you love to stroke when falling asleep.  Daddy adores you and is extra gentle with you since you have been his most tenderhearted child yet.  You say hi and nigh night accompanied by a darling wave.  I predict you and I having great conversations some day that have us rolling on the floor and laughing through tears.  You're a beautiful, vibrant little soul and I love every. little. thing about you.

We love you Remi!

Love, Momma

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