Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Letter to Isaac: 4 Years of Isaac

Dear Isaac,

You just turned 4 years old!  4 years with you in our lives?!  It's been a happy, silly, wild, fun, cuddly 4 years.  :)  You insisted this year that you didn't want a friend party, but every now and then you would change your mind.  I asked you what your worry was about a friend party and you explained,
Everyone's going to eat my cake, and my candy, and play with my presents!
Ha! I decided that you still might really enjoy a friend party, so I threw you one anyway and we did a family party on Sunday with just Nana and Papa (At your request).  Your party was a blast and you were excited about it all day.  We picked you out 3 special balloons. Seahawk shirt, Star Wars, and Minions.  You came downstairs to a decorated house, your special red cup and bowl and a box of Finding Dory cereal (that you had picked out) on the table.  We gobbled up breakfast and then I headed to Island park where I decorated the pavilion and buried dinosaurs for the big Dino Dig!
You had a VERY happy party with a dinosaur dig, and rootbeer floats and fun dinosaur presents.  I made you your own special cake (so you wouldn't have to share) and all of your friends ate Dino Dirt Cups (chocolate pudding and oreos).  So we avoided all of your worries.  You didn't have to share your cake, there was no candy so no one ate any, and we didn't take your toys out of the box at the park, so you didn't even have to share!  What are birthdays for if not for making dreams come true. :)
You had a great day and on Sunday we formed a giant cuddle pit on two couches with daddy and ate popcorn and watched your movie of choice, Goosebumps.  For dinner you requested hot dogs so we had just that and for dessert we ate a sour cream, lemon pie that you picked out.  :)  I think you had a really happy day and a very happy party.

Mom and Dad got you a robot dinosaur
The girls got you a dinosaur spike helmet
Boston got you an avenger dart gun.

You've thoroughly enjoyed all of your presents. :)

If I had to describe you in one word, I think I'd say, individual.  You march to the beat of your own drum and I love this about you.  You always have a plan and are very focused on whatever it is you're doing.  You love playing sports and pretend in the back yard, but you also love legos, puzzles and action figures.  Your favorite pastime by far is still reading books.  You love your friends and get excited to go play, but you also like having time to play by yourself.  You love making people laugh and you're really good at it.  My friends and I are constantly cracking up at your goofy, witty, silly personality.  You LOVE to learn and are very curious...about EVERYTHING.  Hence your love of reading.  You're tender hearted and very very sweet with your sisters.  Constantly looking out for their safety and making sure they don't get hurt, or break any rules.  I could listen to you talk all day long.  I love the way you speak and the funny thoughts that pass through your brilliant little mind.

Dad has SUCH a soft spot for you.  He is always looking out for his Zekey boy.  We both love our cuddles from you.  Lately you've been asking Mom to tell you a story at bedtime, or you've been saying you want me to tuck you in and it melts my heart.  This year we've started swim lessons and workouts at the gym with mom (while we wait for Boston's swim lessons to be over).  It's been so fun.  We also will start our first Co op preschool in 1 month!  You're very excited to do preschool with friends and so am I!  I can't wait to watch you grow another year older, taller, smarter, sillier, and sweeter.  We love you soooooooooooo much Isaac!  Our lives would be so dull without you in it!



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