Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Letter To Boston: 6 years!

Dear Bosty,

I don't call you Bosty much anymore, but something about opening up this oldie but a goodie blog, and writing you a letter, makes me feel like this letter should be written to my Bosty. :)

5 was a great year for you.  You grew so much.  We shared our last year of preschool together with Isaac and Charlie too.  We had so much fun in preschool.  I will always treasure those memories with you.  You started kindergarten about 3 weeks ago!  It's had some big ups and some downs. There's a color system in your class, and you get to be on a certain color based on your behavior, so you can travel from the very bottom, red, to the very top, pink based on your choices.  We had the nicest talk in your rocking chair tonight and part of it was about this color system.  You like the colors.  You like the challenge and knowing where you're at and trying to reach big color goals.

Tonight I told you that you are not your color and I asked if you knew that.  You said you did, and that if you're on red, you're not a red boy, etc... I asked if you knew what color you are no matter what.  And you smiled and I said, "Pink!"  (That's the highest color you can reach).  I told you that no matter what you are a pink boy.  We are all pink people!  We came here with an unchangeable worth because we are children of Heavenly Father and that makes us Kings and Queens.  I said that we can choose to match our choices to who we are, but we are always pink, even when making a red choice.  Then we talked about my day and I said I thought I probably had a yellow Mom day (yellow is a stop and think about it color) and you said you think I had a red day (that's go to the Principles office).  haha!  I told you I'm gonna aim for a good solid purple tomorrow (the color just below pink.  Let's not set myself up for failure!) and you said you were gonna aim for pink.

We talked and talked about school, and your feelings, and your friends, and your thoughts and my thoughts, and it was honestly one of the nicest conversations I've had with anyone in a long time.  I just love the person that you are.  I love being apart of your life.  I love sharing all of these firsts with you.  This whole 6 year old in school business has pulled at my heart strings in a big way.  I feel everything for you in the biggest ways.  I miss you big.  I feel sad for you big.  I'm proud of you big. I love you big!  So big.   You're awesome Boston.  I'm so glad you're mine.


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